The Liverpool Property Market: Trends You Need to Know About

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Playing the property game is as much a full time job as any other industry. You have to have a talent for spotting patterns, and keep up with trends to find them in, as well as knowing when to invest and what would make a good investment.

Liverpool is a particularly interesting spot right now, with investments being made all over the city. If you fancy yourself a property entrepreneur, read our guide to the property market trends in Liverpool right now. 

High yields and low prices

Liverpool is a great choice for someone looking for a buy to let property. The city has the highest rental yields in the country, offering you the highest profit per month. As much as six Liverpool postcodes make the list of the top 25 buy to rent postcodes in the UK, according to a list by Totally Money. This includes L1 with 10%, L2 with 7.56%, L3 with 7.40%, L4 with 7.13%, L6 with 8.12%, and L11 with 8.67% rental yields.

For comparison, Liverpool offers an average rental yield of around 5.48%, which is far above the national average, against cities like Oxford and Bristol which offer 2.87% and 3.45% respectively. 

Liverpool offers an affordable investment that will gain goo returns over time, making for a stable income. 

High demand

Liverpool is a much-loved gem of the country, with a lot to see and do attracting visitors from all over. 

Cultural attractions like Albert Dock, shopping experiences in Liverpool ONE and a superior nightlife with trendy bars and restaurants bring visitors in from all over, and a lot want to stay. 

And then there is Liverpool’s, and indeed the UK’s, pride and joy: The Beatles. They are everywhere in Liverpool, from cover artists in the bars to tourist attractions and various dedicated statues. 

Ongoing regeneration in the city’s centre means that the L1, L2 and L3 postcodes are hot commodities right now. They are all attractive to young professionals and students coming to university and all offer a yield of up to 10%. 

Students can store their things in Safestore Liverpool while looking for a place to move from dorms to and enjoy the great attractions of Liverpool once they have moved into your buy to rent property. 

Strong capital growth

The Liverpool property market is predicting big things over the next few years. Property values in the buy to let market are set to rise, so the time to strike would be now. Impressive homes with affordable prices will only last so long, so consider investing while there is still an opportunity for growth. 

Homes are getting snapped up within a week of going on the market, according to research from estate agent Purplebricks. The research said that over half the sellers in the city sold for over the asking price, with 48% selling for £20-40k more. 

According to the research, which was created to look into the reasons for sellers to put their house up, an even half of the people selling their home in Liverpool were looking for a change in lifestyle, wanting something quieter in the long run. 

This frees up a lot of space for you to buy to rent, with the idea of renting appealing more to the younger crowd who will appreciate the bustling city life full of music and lights. 

Liverpool has all the ingredients needed for a solid investment: rental yields, rental demand and property growth. If you are interested take a look at flats for sale in Liverpool to start earning from your latest investment.