Three Easy To Make Bourbon Cocktails You Can Enjoy At Home

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Today, we are sharing three amazing bourbon cocktails that you can easily make at home. We will start with the simple one and work up the difficulty levels as we proceed. But all of these are easy to make and incredibly enjoyable. So let’s dive into it. 


The Bourbon Highball


The first cocktail is the bourbon highball, one of the most popular cocktails with bourbon. To prepare this cocktail, you can use a strong bourbon like the four roses single barrel bourbon. It’s one hundred proof with great notes of spice, corn, and caramel. 


So grab a highball glass and start off by putting some ice. Then you can add two ounces of 60 milliliters bourbon and four ounces 120 milliliters ginger ale. The next step is garnishing with a refreshing lemon wedge. And that’s it, no shaking or complex steps. There you have the simple, easy-to-make and elegant bourbon highball cocktail. 

Bourbon Smash


The next cocktail is a bourbon smash. It’s full of minty goodness with great notes of bourbon. For this, you can use something like the Woodford Reserve. Again, this is a simple, easy-to-make shaken cocktail. 


To start, you need a shaking glass. Next, you need about eight to ten mint leaves. Bruise them just enough to release aromatic oils and throw them in a glass. Now you can add three-quarters of an ounce or 22 and a half mils lemon juice, half an ounce or 15 ml simple syrup, and two ounces of 60 milliliters bourbon. 


Next, you have to fill your shaking glass most of the way and close the lid. Make sure it’s tight and shake it thoroughly. Use a fine strain to pour the cocktail. Finally, grab a little bit of mint, cut the stem slightly, and slide it in. There you have a great bourbon whiskey smash. 


Bourbon Whiskey Sour


And for our third cocktail, we will do a sour whiskey smash, which is yet another shaken cocktail. And for this, you can use a 10-year-old bourbon.


Start by adding half an ounce of 15 ml simple syrup, one ounce of 30 milliliters lemon juice, one egg white, two ounces of 60 milliliters bourbon, and two dashes of Angostura bitters. Now grab your lid and dry shake. 


You need to shake it hard enough to emulsify it. The emulsification happens with the lemon juice and the bourbon, which will cook the egg. Ensure you get solid pressure in there and shake it hard for 10 seconds. Now add two pieces of ice, about one inch by one inch. This will cool the drink down and give it a little dilution. Now, give it a final shake for another 10 to 15 seconds. 


Finally, you got to fine strain to make smaller bubbles and keep out any egg membrane. To garnish, grab a slice of orange with a maraschino cherry, and there you have your bourbon whiskey sour. 




Here we have three fantastic bourbon cocktails. The first one is the bourbon highball, which has the bourbon and ginger ale. If you did it right, the ingredients should bind nicely together to give you hints of bourbon and a mild ginger ale flavor. 


In the smash, the lemon should shine through with a hint of bourbon, mild sweetness, and minty flavor. Finally, with the sour, every ingredient will nicely harmonize. It should have a silky mouthfeel and strong bourbon flavor with a little bit of lemon, giving you a fantastic cocktail experience.