Is your man just out of surgery? What gifts to buy for him

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When a loved one is going through surgery, we’re innately inclined to express our concern and support towards them with flowers, visits, and cards. It’s a touching tradition, no doubt; however, when the patient in question is a boyfriend, fiance, or husband that’d cringe at the thought of a bouquet, which way do you go? Men recuperating from surgical procedures are often overlooked in the get-well-giving sphere, although the truth is they need the comfort and compassion just as much, if not more. But where do you begin your search in a lop-sided market? Right here on this handpicked list of post-surgery gifts for him.

Fun affair

Sitting in those surgery blues for too long can leave you feeling left out and bored. Fortunately for your man, though, that post-surgery rest prescription does not bar him from a little fun; cue- bring the party to him. Cheer your partner up with entertaining activities and games for an energetic bounce back. Now is the best time to hunt down those classic movies and curate a feel-good playlist for your man. Better yet, polish up his competitive streak with a new board or card game. For the nerdy nerd, we suggest a series of crosswords or comics. Alternatively, a cuss word coloring book should go down in the books for a light-hearted lad.

Tasty baskets

Your man is probably looking to get his strength back, and we can’t think of a better way to get him there than a basket full of edible goodies. Personalize a snack basket for your recovering champ, starting with the good old soup and building your way to all his favorite candies, chips, and nuts. Popcorn and chocolates are a no-brainer but so are vitamins and cough drops. We also insist on non-perishables for this get-well gift idea so your boyfriend or husband can keep his stash long enough. Must we point out that he doesn’t have to share? Yes, let him have this one.

Thoughtful service

While you can’t always be there to support your husband or boyfriend throughout his recuperation journey physically, compassionate acts of service would certainly tug at his heartstrings. Surprise your man with a handy service subscription to save him some strength and strain during his recovery- we’re talking weekly cleaning services, grocery, or meal delivery subscriptions. Regardless of his personality and interests, we’re sure a thoughtful service subscription would be a practical lifesaver until he can comfortably get up and about. 

Warmth and comfort

Bring your fuzzy feel for this gift selection because that special man needs it. Anyone that’s gone under the knife will tell you the experience came with a lot of discomfort and pain, and though there’s no card big enough to make it better, super soft, comfy apparel does the trick. Gift your healing husband or boyfriend a toasty bathrobe, blankie, or pair of socks that’ll have him comfortably bundled up through the pain. Don’t forget to throw in a neck or body pillow for that extra support; this way, he can keep his weight off the incision area for a speedy recovery.

Custom gift box

Still haven’t found the perfect gift for your man? Why not customize it? Curate a get-well gift box for the masculine man and the partner that seemingly has it all. Try putting together all his favorite items to uplift his spirits, and the best part; it could be anything from a cute souvenir to personal self-care kits. You might also consider reaching out to his childhood pastimes and adult hobbies for gifting inspiration, such as that nostalgic baseball scrapbooking set or a hiking gear upgrade? Anything that puts a smile across his face and gets him looking forward to recovery will hit the spot.

Final thoughts

Surgery is rough, even on the toughest of men, and while society stereotypically expects them to soldier through their pain, their road to recovery is no different from anyone else’s. Going under the knife will always be highlighted with discomfort, pain, boredom, weariness, and limited mobility. In such times, however cute a pretty bouquet and balloons may seem, they will not give the patient the comfort they need to recuperate to full strength. So if your loved one has just gotten out of surgery and you have no idea how to show them your love, concern, and support, this well-thought list of gift ideas should send the message home.