Signs It’s Time to Move into a Retirement Community

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Some people dread getting older. One reason they do so is they don’t want to leave their homes. They would prefer to remain independent as long as possible and don’t want to be a burden on family members. One way a person can maintain their independence is to move to a retirement community. With many housing options offered in these communities, every person should be able to find one that meets their needs. When it is time for a senior to consider making this move?

Unhealthy Environment

A senior might lack the energy to clean or they are no longer mobile enough to keep a hygienic home. Family members may choose to pay for someone to come in and clean behind the senior, but this solution isn’t appropriate for everyone. This could be a sign they would be better off living in a retirement community. Many retirement communities today offer housekeeping as part of the services. The senior can have someone in to clean for them. In addition, communities typically offer a meal plan. Family members know the senior is getting healthy meals and they won’t need to prepare them or clean up afterward. This ensures they live in an environment that is clean and healthy, which is best for their health.

Frequent Accidents

Seniors are prone to accidents. Falls become more common as a person ages. A cluttered or poorly lit environment puts them more at risk of falls, and they may use a walker or cane. This can lead to an accident. As a person ages, they may suffer a decline in hearing or vision, which puts them more at risk of an accident. In addition, they may struggle with vertigo or balance issues. Family members should not wait until their loved one has a serious fall and ends up hospitalized. If they are having more accidents, it’s time to consider a move to a retirement community.

Lack of Socialization

People often find it harder to socialize when they reach their senior years. Many things may prevent them from getting together with friends. Vision problems might stop them from driving, or health issues could make it difficult for them to move around. They don’t want the hassle of leaving the home. When a person lacks socialization, they become more at risk of mental and health issues. This can be prevented by relocating the senior to a retirement community. Retiring in Richmond, VA is just one of the communities that provides great socialization options in their homes

Safety Reasons

Neighborhoods change over time. In fact, a person may find that the neighborhood they live in is no longer safe. Burglars see seniors as easy targets, which may be of concern to both the seniors and their loved ones. Other safety and security concerns often rise with seniors as well. For example, a person might take advantage of a senior’s diminished mental capacity to take assets from them. Moving the seniors to a retirement community provides them with people to turn to when they have a concern. They no longer feel alone and can seek advice from their peers or staff members. They won’t feel as if they are bothering a family member. Seniors have access to security and emergency personnel, and most communities have emergency call buttons in each resident’s room.

There is no one-size-fits-all answer when someone wants to know when they should move to a retirement community. Many factors play a role in this decision. However, when a senior or their loved ones begins noticing the abovementioned signs, it’s time to have a discussion about the senior’s living arrangements. It’s always best to have this discussion early, so there isn’t a rush when other living accommodations become necessary.