Things to Consider When Buying a Horse Property

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Are you interested in buying horses? Do you want to buy property for your horses? If so, you would be visiting various locations to choose the best option for your horses. You might think that buying a horse property is the same as buying any other property from a real estate agent. This is not the actual reality as it is not that simple. This is not just like buying a property for your home. You would find it difficult, especially when buying such property for the first time. If you have never bought anything like that, there is much to learn before making your final buying decision.

Important Things to Know

Before making any final decision, you must consider various important factors that will impact you and your horses in the future. You must keep in mind all important points while purchasing the real estate for your horses.

Let’s dig out these important things for consideration

Easy to Access

Location is the first important thing that one must choose very carefully. The property’s location must be close to the veterinary center, feed stores, riding schools, training institutes, and professional local veterinary doctors. This will allow you to visit and get medical aid quickly during emergencies.

Required Space and Area

Do you know how much space you must-have for each horse on your horse property? If not, let me tell you that you must have almost one and a half acres for each horse. If you are adding new horses to your horse collection, then you must have additional acres for additional horses. If you currently have a few horses, you must carefully consider your plans. Think if you would add horses in the future. If you want to add, you must get the additional space when buying your horse property. Remember that the more you have, the better it will be.

Ideal Soil for Horses

There are different types of soils. The best soil for horses is sandy and organic soil. Check the soil carefully before buying land for your animals.

Toxic Plants on The Land

Make sure that there are no toxic plants and weeds on the land. Examine your land carefully as it is harmful, and your horses may eat it.

Know The Zoning

It would be best to study the local zoning laws and regulations that may change from time to time. You can hire a consultant for guidance and necessary help. Before you buy a property, you must check if it is an approved property for horses, even if a horse owner has already used that land.

Proper Electricity Usage

Your equestrian estate must have proper lighting for the horses. The temperature should also be maintained on the horse farm. Led lights on fences make your farmhouse attractive and a cool place to visit. Horse lovers visit the link for electricity services at their animal farmhouses.

Opportunities for Horses to Ride

There are a lot of horse farms that do not allow the animals enough riding opportunities. This is the most important thing you must remember while buying your horse property. You must look for nearby places if your property does not have enough acres for riding.

Storage Space and Parking Area

Remember that you would need spreaders, trailers, and other maintenance equipment for your farmhouse. Once you have them, you would need storage space for that equipment and parking space for those vehicles. Proper storage and a suitable parking area will not only enhance the life of the equipment and vehicles but ensure no breakage, wear, and tear.

Slope Percentage

The location’s flat topography will allow you to control the water runoff. The ideal slope percentage must not be more than fifteen percent.

Proper Drainage

Proper drainage is very important. Minor carelessness in drainage will make your space muddy. This will cause a lot of problems for your animals. It is always difficult to judge if your chosen property has inadequate drainage. To ensure this, you must visit the space after rainstorms to see the situation. If you have bought a space with poor drainage, you can install a drain line to resolve the drainage issue.

Safety Measures

Safety measures should be your top priority at all times. Examine every building and space of the location to know about the current problems. There might be small repairs and minor problems that can be handled well in time to avoid serious issues in the future. For instance, you may install proper horse fencing, change the broken fences, or fix the lighting equipment.

Provision of Shelter

There must be proper shelter and shade in the area where horses stay for most time of the day. This will provide huge benefits during poor weather conditions such as wind, storms, heat waves, or heavy rain. This can be different in both winters and the summer. You need to take care of your horses in winters a bit extra. It would be best if you take additional measures during too hot summer days.

The process to Purchase the Horse Property

Once you know everything, the process will be easy, even if you shop for the first time. Let’s know the process,

  1. Go to a reliable and trustworthy real estate agent.
  2. Identify your needs like riding options, a private or commercial facility, or just as a hobby.
  3. Think for the long term and think about your plans carefully.
  4. Location is significant, so visit multiple options and choose the best option to fulfill your needs.
  5. Check the soil, drainage, and other important things.
  6. Get proper education regarding tips and care of the horses and the property.
  7. Think about your budget and get a financial estimate from a professional financial advisor in the relevant field.
  8. Consider the resale value, if you need to, in the future.

Concluding Remarks

Once you know about your plans and have all the above instructions in your mind, it will be so easy to choose the best place for your equestrian property.