Best places to travel when on a budget 

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Travelling doesn’t always have to be expensive, in fact there are some amazing destinations that you can visit on a budget. Often to get the best deals for a hotel or activity, it is best to book these in advance. If you are a student or over 65, always ask to see if they offer any types of discounts – as this can help to save you money on your trip!  Here are our top recommendations that you should visit this summer. 


Figi may not be the first country that you think of when it comes to cheap travel – but think again! There are in fact plenty of cheap ways to travel around Figi, from shared accommodation and hostels, to making use of public transport and eating at local restaurants. Viti Levu is the place to be for affordable accommodation, and there is plenty of activities and things to do here also!


The lively vacation spots around Alicante are a terrific indicator of how well-liked it is among families, friends and of course – the perfect destination for stag and hen do’s. In fact, Alicante airport was so popular last year it welcomed over 1 million passengers a month! Alicante is home to some expensive and luxury resorts, but it also has a huge selection of affordable and budget friendly options – making it the ideal choice for group holidays. 


Often regarded as one of the most underrated countries in the world to visit, Cambodia has it all. From an astounding number of welcoming people who enjoy showing tourists their beautiful country, to breath taking views and stunning buildings. If you are looking for nightlife, high quality cuisine, and a fascinating history than Cambodia should be at the top of your budget travel bucket list! Popular amongst travellers, there is a large selection of hostels and cheap accommodation that you could opt to stay at. 


India continues to be a favourite destination for tourists looking for an adventure for a variety of reasons – this can include anything from bungee jumping to ski diving. India has it all, including its mountains, beaches, palaces, wildlife, and cuisine that is second to none.  And while India does have a large selection of luxury hotels and activities, there are also plenty of budget friendly options that are still good quality and safe to stay at.  Travelling around India is easy and comfortable, making it the perfect destination for your next budget travel holiday.