Hornitos Now’s Your Shot Sweepstakes

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Hornitos Now’s Your Shot Sweepstakes

Enter by October 1, 2022

Sweepstakes Prizes Include: (18 total; 6 per Sweepstakes Pool): The Sweepstakes prizes are as follows (each a “Sweepstakes Prize”).

Culinary Pool Prize (6): Each Sweepstakes Culinary Pool prize is a $349 Pizza Oven Gift Card.

Music Pool Prize (6): Each Sweepstakes Music Pool prize is a $350 Guitar Center Gift Card. The ARV of each Music Pool Sweepstakes Prize is $350.

Adventure Pool Prize (6): Each Sweepstakes Adventure Pool prize is $250 outdoor gear Gift Card and a $100 airline gift card. The ARV of each Adventure Pool Sweepstakes Prize is $350.