Should You Color Your Hair? 3 Simple Tips and Tools to Help You Decide

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Image source: Pixabay


When you get it right, a new hair color can make you feel refreshed and gives you a new level of self-confidence. However, the process leading up to the big decision is a bit anxiety-inducing since most of us need a lot of time to select a color. 


And it’s only normal to be this way. After all, the change is going to affect your look and has a major impact on how you see yourself. Plus, it’s always difficult to know exactly how a specific hair color would fit you. That’s because of differences in skin tone and color, eye color, the shape of the face, and many other factors that make our appearance.


So, if you’re struggling with this decision, here are a few tips to help you decide if now it’s the right time to change your hair color. And if yes, how to choose the right color. 

How’s Your Hair?

Before starting to look at color palettes, take a closer look at your hair. How does it look and feel? Is it healthy and shiny, or does it look dull and frizzy? 


The health of your hair can be influenced by a series of factors such as changes in diet, pregnancies, health scares, aging, and so on. So, if your hair shows signs that it may not feel well, it is a good idea to wait with the coloring. 


Depending on the type of color you want, it could make your hair strands even more vulnerable than it already is, which can lead to a health crisis on your scalp. But you can talk with your hairstylist and ask for recommendations.

So, You’ve Decided to Change Colors; Now What?

If your hair is healthy and happy, you can go ahead and choose whichever color you like. But this doesn’t mean you should choose without thinking. Besides the factors we mentioned above, you also need to think about your hair’s texture and type (curly, straight, fine, wavy, and so on). 


Here’s how to decide:

1. Go Online

Yes, Google has all the answers! Look for images of women who have the same skin tone and color as you, and check out their hair. Select images where the hair looks similar to yours and compare the colors. 


Also, once you find a shade you like, look for hairstyle ideas that work best with it to see if you should consider a haircut as well.

2. Use a Photo to Try Out a Whole New Look

Another way to test if a certain hair color suits your face and skin tone is with photo editing. Luckily, you can change hair color on photos with BeFunky, so you don’t need to learn how to edit images professionally just for this. 


Take a photo of yourself in natural light and make sure you can see as much of your hair as possible. Upload the photo on BeFunky and use the tool to test different colors and shades.

3. Don’t Stray Too Far from Your Natural Color

When in doubt, choose natural. You can go two shades up or down from your natural hair color, but it’s definitely the color that best suits your face because it matches your complexion. If you feel it’s too boring, you can always play with contrasts (like having light tips on natural roots), but make sure you are working with an experienced hairstylist who knows what they’re doing.

Wrap Up

At the end of the day, the hair color that suits you the best is the one you like. So, if you want to try mermaid green or light blue for a while, go for it. But if you want something a bit classier and less troublesome, a shade closer to your natural color is the safe choice.