Remember International Car Insurance When Packing for a UAE Vacation

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If you are planning an epic vacation to the UAE, you are certainly not alone. The Emirates welcome, every year, nearly 30 million tourists, and 19 million of them choose Dubai as their base to explore the country.


But while the abundance of hotels, activities, and infrastructure make planning a vacation to the Emirates a straightforward process, there are some aspects to focus on to enjoy a stress-free trip – including getting the right car insurance for your trip!


Here is all you need to know about getting an international car insurance policy for your trip to the UAE.

Car Rental Insurance or International Insurance? Choose Wisely!

If you are planning to explore the UAE by car, you’ll soon find out that there is a wide range of car rental agencies to choose from. And, that most of them will give you the option to take out third-party liability insurance for a fee.


So, is this the best option for your needs? It depends.


If you are only planning a short trip and choosing a car that can be repaired cheaply and easily, this option might be worthwhile. On the other hand, if you are planning to enter the UAE using your own vehicle or you are looking to stay in the country for longer, you might consider the benefits of investing in an international car insurance policy.


Designed for expats and tourists looking to visit a country using their vehicle, international auto insurance allows you to protect yourself, your passenger, your car, and other road users while driving abroad. This kind of policy usually replaces your domestic insurance policy that has territory restrictions.


Make sure to choose the right policy based on your needs, itinerary, and trip duration.

Look Beyond Third-Party Insurance

Whether you are looking to take out your own car insurance policy or you have opted to use the one offered by the car rental agency, you should always consider the benefits of looking beyond third-party liability insurance.


Third-party coverage represents the minimum level of insurance required to drive legally in the UAE. However, this kind of coverage might not protect you and your car in the event of an accident. Consider choosing comprehensive car insurance instead!

Know Your Add-Ons and Hand-Pick Your Riders

As we have seen above, there are significant risks to getting cheap car insurance – but getting too much coverage can be just as detrimental! To avoid depleting your vacation budget, make sure to familiarize yourself with the add-ons your provider offers and hand-pick each rider based on your specific needs.


Some additional coverage you might consider when traveling to the UAE include:

  • Roadside assistance
  • Passengers cover
  • Return to invoice cover
  • Key replacement cover
  • Oman extension
  • Off-road driving cover
  • Agency repairs
  • Natural disasters coverage

Compare Providers, Policies, and Quotes

When shopping around for international car insurance, comparison websites such as can help. Thanks to these marketplaces, you’ll be able to filter the various policies according to factors such as length, price, and add-ons availability.


What’s more, reputable comparison websites will only make available policies from insurance providers who have been certified by the Insurance Authority UAE – which is crucial to enjoying a stress-free trip to the Emirates!


After all, while most insurance providers are legitimate, the growing car rental industry has fuelled the rise of hundreds of new companies, not all of which are trustworthy or compliant. Selecting a reputable insurance marketplace can help you bypass hours of research and make a confident choice.

Review Your Policy and Learn What’s Covered

Not all insurance covers are created equal and your international policy isn’t necessarily as comprehensive as your domestic one. So, before getting behind the wheel, make sure to understand what’s included in your policy and what exclusions you should be aware of.


Don’t forget that some coverage types – such as natural disaster protection and passenger protection – are not always automatically included. Review the terms and conditions of your policy and add riders as needed to create a bulletproof safety net for you and other road users!