Your Go-to Guide for Styling Men’s Hoodies

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The evolution of men’s hoodies has come a long way. What once was a sweatshirt for athletes warming up in cold or rainy weather has now become a statement piece and the way someone expresses their sense of fashion. These days, men’s hoodies are worn by all types of people in a wide range of situations. But what are the ways for men to mix and match outfits using a hoodie? Let’s explore a few of them.


The Hoodie as a Fashion Statement


Hoodies are often worn as an accessory with other clothes to complete an entire outfit, but they can also be the focal point. When hoodies are the centerpiece, they often are brightly colored, have writing on them, or some kind of graphic design. In fact, graphic hoodies for men often have all those things combined. Bright colors, eye dazzling patterns with words and pictures, they can even glow in the dark to attract attention. Hoodies like these are the way for the wearer to fully express themselves through their fashion choices.


The Hoodie as a Part of an Ensemble


Hoodies can also be mixed and matched with other clothes to create a complete ensemble. When worn underneath another jacket, a hoodie gives the wearer layers. Putting a jacket over top of a hoodie is a fun, casual look. Hoodies go well under leather jackets, denim coats, bomber jackets, or even an overcoat. 


Another way to go with hoodies is making them the top piece in a wardrobe ensemble from mens fashion designers . They easily match with a button-up shirt for a classier vibe or an unbuttoned flannel for a dressed-down look. Even wearing a hoodie over a plain white tee shirt is a simple, classic fashion choice.


When layering an outfit with a men’s hoodie, be mindful of the weather. Having too many layers can get warm. The nice thing about layers is the ability to shed them, but ultimately, you want to be comfortable. 


The Full Sweatsuit


Speaking of being comfortable, what’s more comfortable than pairing a hoodie with sweatpants? Wearing a high-quality hoodie and sweats is a fashion statement, whether at work, running errands, or even a night out. It gives the wearer the look of athleisure.


Pairing a Hoodie With Pants


Your choice of pants says a lot about your outfit when pairing them with a men’s hoodie. A hoodie with jeans is more casual, while wearing a hoodie with nicer pants can give you a more formal look. Combining a hoodie with a button-up shirt and slacks gives a comfortable, casual edge to a classier outfit that can be worn on dates or other important occasions. 


What About the Shoes?


Many times, the window into the overall vibe the wearer is going for with their outfit is the shoes. When pairing a men’s hoodie with an old pair of comfortable lace-up sneakers, the outcome is a low-key ensemble that tells people you want to look and feel comfortable. A hoodie with slacks and nicer shoes, such as something in leather, says you want to seem easy-going, but also have a more formal theme to your clothes. Wearing a men’s graphic hoodie with a pair of brightly colored, eye-catching shoes lets everyone know you’re not afraid to be bold. 


To Zip or Not to Zip


There’s one big choice when selecting a men’s hoodie for your outfit, whether to have a zipper jacket or a pullover. Hoodies with zippers are easier to layer with other clothes, giving the wearer more options for their look. Hoodies with zippers can be open or shut, also providing someone with even more choices in their fashion statement, whether to stay loose or keep things tight and orderly.


Pullover hoodies are a more casual look. If they are thin, they can be layered under other garments, but those made from thicker material can be puffier and are more often suited to go on top in an ensemble. 


Don’t Forget the Hood


Men’s hoodies offer one other fashion choice for the wearer, putting the hood up or down. Often, the hood will be down, especially when inside a building. But cold weather and wind can make having a hood a lifesaver and will let a person stay warm and comfortable. Wearing a hood up can also be a statement, telling others you value your privacy and prefer to be left alone. 


So Many Choices 


With men’s hoodies, there are so many styles and ways to wear them that the wearer has a multitude of fashion statements they can make. Casual or preppy, muted or loud, all options are on the table. Don’t be afraid to add a hoodie into your fashion mix and find out what works for you.