How to Identify Your Personal Style

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Fashion and style are two things that every person interacts with on some level. Even those who would never identify themselves as being particularly interested in the world of fashion, or only interested in practical clothing, still have an element of style that they hold to. To some degree, it’s part of simply being human to like and dislike, at some level, clothing, and apparel. For some people, this is a sense that they have sharpened and love to further investigate while for others, personal style is something they spend little to no time actually thinking about. 


If you are at the beginning of this path and you are trying to figure out what your personal style is, the truth is, it can seem intimidating and even daunting. One of the safeties of not thinking about your style or personal fashion is that you can kind of block out the entire world. However, as you begin to take an interest a lot of factors come into play. 


How do others dress, what will my closest friends and family think of my choices, and what kind of things do I actually like?


All of these questions and more can become intimidating to take on, especially once you start taking in the depth, width, and height of the fashion industry. There are seemingly countless styles to choose from and it can seem like a bit too much. The good news is that there are some easy steps you can take to help yourself find what kind of style fits you as a unique person. 


So whether you are looking into Boho clothing for the first time, or searching Pinterest boards for inspiration, here are some tips for how you can find your personal style. These are tips that anyone can do, and what’s most important, is that they cultivate a sense of courage and empowerment that will help you identify your style fearlessly and feel good about the clothing that makes you feel most like yourself! 

  1. Take a Little Time for Yourself

Step one – take some time for yourself. The truth is, clothing is an extension of yourself which is why it is important. There are different kinds of clothing options for different tasks, goals, and settings – and this all says something about you and that’s okay. If you are struggling to understand your personal style – then know that it starts with you. 


Taking time to focus on what you like, don’t like, what catches your eye or what draws your interest is a vital part of discovering your style. This is a time to really be free and allow yourself space to wonder. One of the most important parts of this step – is practicing self-acceptance. If you see something you like, investigate it without judgment! 

  1. Once You Do Some Research – Make a Day of It

This is another important step in the process of discovering your personal style that is important and it’s called – enjoyment! If you are developing your personal style, then know that it’s normal to deal with feelings of insecurity. Even if you like a certain style of clothing you may be intimidated or scared to try it out. So, make this process something fun you won’t forget.


Grab a close friend or family member and make a day out of visiting stores and trying things on. Go out to eat at your favorite restaurant, don’t shop without your favorite coffee in hand, and reward yourself for trying out new things! A great goal here is to not set an expectation on purchasing anything. Obviously, if you find something that just clicks with you – get it! But don’t set that as an expectation, this is a time to try on new clothes, touch new fabric, and just explore! 

  1. Don’t Be Afraid to Ask For Help

Finding your personal style is something that will take place over the course of your life. As you grow, mature, and change, so will your likes and dislikes to some degree. So, don’t be afraid of asking for help from those you trust and love especially if you appreciate their level of personal style. True, you may not want to emulate their style or even be attracted to it, but picking their brain, and asking for help or suggestions is a great way to progress toward finding your style – especially if you feel stuck in the process.

Conclusion: Be Proud of Being You

Lastly, remember to be yourself! If you are discovering your personal style, you are also discovering a piece of yourself so remember that and celebrate the journey. This might be hard for you to do and feel like a real exercise, but it’s one that will actually give you good rewards. Not only will it get you clothing you love to wear, but it will also boost your self-confidence in a powerful way!