How to Style a Basic T-Shirt for a Chic Look

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The t-shirt is a wardrobe staple and one of the most versatile pieces in your closet. You can wear it with everything from jeans to dresses, and it works just as well with sneakers as it does with heels. The secret to styling this basic piece? You just have to play around with different styles until you find one that works. For example, if you want an edgier vibe, try wearing a loose-fitting T-shirt over a tank top dress with some leggings, grateful dead hat and combat boots. This will give off an urban vibe. Here are some ideas:

Try a Loose Fitting T-Shirt Over a Tank Top Dress

The t-shirt dress is a popular piece that has been around for years. It’s easy to wear and can be worn in a casual or formal setting. The great thing about the t-shirt dress is that it isn’t limited to just one type of look. You can pair your basic T-shirt or one of the best funny shirts from Tee Boulevard with accessories like scarves, hats, belts, and shoes to change your overall look.

For example, if you want an edgier vibe, try wearing a loose-fitting T-shirt over a tank top dress with some leggings and combat boots. This will give off an urban vibe. If you prefer a casual style, wear denim jeans paired with flat shoes or sneakers. You can also wear this outfit on the weekend by swapping your sneakers for heels or wedges.

Add a Structured Blazer or Jacket to a Basic White T-Shirt and Jeans

Try pairing a white shirt with a structured blazer or jacket to add an edge to your look. A black or navy blazer is the perfect choice for this style because it will make your outfit look more mature than if you were to wear any other color.

Sneakers are the way to go if you’re not ready for heels. They’re stylish and can be worn with jeans, skirts, and dresses. A white T-shirt makes them stand out, but if you don’t want so much attention on your footwear, then opt for something else in neutral colors like black or grey instead of bright colors like reds and pinks.

This might clash with other pieces in your outfit, like hats or scarves that don’t match well when paired with one person’s body shape. You can find all types of t-shirts you want on the internet. Whether you are looking for plain white, graphic, half-sleeves, or full-sleeves, it’s convenient to buy them online from the comfort of your home. But you still need to research to get suitable t-shirts for yourself.

You can look for websites that offer home delivery and pick-up. Additionally, go with someone who provides a wide selection of the latest tees. You can check out these new arrivals to add some fantastic pieces to your collection.

Tuck an Oversized T-Shirt Into a High-Waisted Skirt

This look is all about the t-shirt. You can choose a simple, plain t-shirt in black or white, or go for something more colorful or patterned to make a statement with your skirt.

This look is also all about the skirt. A high-waisted pencil skirt gives off an elegant vibe when paired with a simple t-shirt, but if you’re looking for something more casual and fun, try pairing your oversized tee with a comfy pair of denim shorts instead.

Knot the T-Shirt

To style a t-shirt for a chic look, begin by knotting the t-shirt at the waist. This will create a more fitted look that is flattering and stylish. Choose a t-shirt in a solid color or a subtle pattern, such as a stripe or polka dot. To complete the look, pair the t-shirt with a pair of high-waisted jeans or a skirt, and add a pair of heels or sandals.

You can also accessorize with a statement necklace, a scarf, or a belt to complete the look. With this simple styling trick, you can easily create a chic and fashionable look with a t-shirt. Check out the Queen, Gigi Hadid, slaying the knot-it-up looks. She usually ties the knot of her t-shirts to show off her high-waisted denim.

Use an Oversized T-Shirt as a Single-Piece Dress

An oversized t-shirt can also be styled as a single-piece dress. This look is best for days when you feel casual and relaxed but want to look put together. It’s perfect for those days when you want to wear sneakers without looking like you just rolled out of bed. You can pair oversized t-shirts with sneakers or jewelry.

  • White Sneakers: These classic sneakers are always in style and never go out of fashion, so they’re perfect if you don’t want anything too trendy or flashy on your feet while keeping things simple but chic all at once.
  • Simple Jewelry: A statement necklace would look amazing here but if that’s not your thing, just keep it simple by wearing a pair of dangly earrings. Instead, make sure whatever piece you decide upon accentuates all those curves we discussed earlier.

You can get inspiration from many celebrities who rock this style and make the no-pants fashion wearable. Many icons, including Kendall Jenner, Selena Gomez, and Rihanna, have worn oversized t-shirts as a one-piece, without any pants.

Pair Your Graphic Tee With Some Casual Sneakers

Pair it with some casual sneakers if you want to create a sporty look with your graphic tee. A white pair of sneakers is always a good option. It’s basic and versatile enough to wear almost any outfit. Consider picking up some grey or black sneakers if you want to add another color.

Especially when styling a graphic tee made with DTF printing, shoes are essential as they help coordinate the top and bottom halves of your body, as well as accessories like purses or bags.

The best thing about shoes is how easily they can be changed from day to night. So if you go for jeans during the day and then change into leggings for dinner later in the evening, simply changing your footwear will transform your look entirely.

This is a popular style, especially among males. Many famous stars have worn this style during their shows or while walking on the street. For instance, Chance the Rapper wore a graphic tee with the word “Champion” all over it. Likewise, Scott Disick wore a plain-white tee with a simple graphic logo and white sneakers.


The t-shirt is the most versatile piece in your closet. And it is also one of the most multifunctional wardrobe pieces you must own. It’s a classic, no question about it. The perfect base for layering and dressing up with other pieces, this essential item will be a staple in your wardrobe for years to come.

Following this article’s simple steps, you can easily create a chic look with a basic t-shirt. Whether you dress it up with a statement necklace, a structured blazer, or a bold skirt, the possibilities are endless. With the right accessories and styling techniques, you can easily take your look from casual to stylish in no time.