Boosting Kerb Appeal on a Budget

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Whether you’re planning to sell your house soon or want to increase its kerb appeal should you decide to sell it at some point, thankfully, there are many ways of achieving this without breaking the bank.

No single budget-friendly change will likely increase your home’s kerb appeal. Many budget-friendly changes can increase a property’s value. Kerb appeal isn’t all about value, but it’s also more appealing to potential homebuyers when they visit in person.

A few simple changes could push potential buyers over the line into actual buyers. So, without further ado, let’s look at some good examples!

Give Your Front Door a New Lease of Life

Firstly, simply painting your front door with a bright, beautiful colour can enhance its appearance. Of course, the front appearance of a house naturally can offer disproportionate value (in terms of surface area) since it’s the first thing people see, whether that be prospective buyers or anyone else who would see the home if they made a purchase.

You might want to consider colours such as:

  • Bright red.
  • Bright yellow.
  • Bright blue.
  • Bright green.

Of course, the best colour for your front door will depend on how that colour would compare and contrast with the rest of the front-facing features of your property.

Aside from painting your front door a new colour, you could enhance it by:

  • Fitting a fancy door knocker.
  • Add a straightforward porch framework.
  • Consider adding rustic door hardware to the front of your home.
  • Buy a nice and durable doormat.
  • Replace your old door hardware with something nicer. You may want to go with a modern look (e.g., a more modern door handle) or opt for a rustic style. It would depend on the overall look of your home and your preferences.
  • Have a fancy number plaque added to the front of your home. This can add more value than you’d get with screw-in numbers.

Power Washing Your Driveway

Paying for a professional to pressure-wash your driveway can also give the front of your home a refreshed look. You’d ideally want to have it power washed shortly before putting your house on the market; otherwise, you may have to pay for another pressure wash down the line.

The price of power washing your driveway can vary depending on a range of factors, such as the size of your drive, the extent of the power washing required, and where you live. The reason that your location matters is that labour prices differ throughout the UK. For instance, prices are generally higher than average in the southeast of England, while they tend to be lower in places like northern England and Scotland. Therefore, this is something to consider for any work that involves hiring a professional.

Add New Lighting

Having lighting fitted in your front garden can give the front of your home a fresher, livelier look after nightfall. The types and extent of lighting that best suits your home would depend on its look, size, and general design.

Revitalise Your Hallway

Moving inside, you should also consider decluttering your hallway. Unlike the changes already discussed, you can do this for free. Moving around items and moving some into storage can suddenly give your hallway a cleaner appearance.

Since your hallway is the second thing potential homebuyers will see (after the front of your home), it’s a good way of making your home’s first impression a bit stronger.

What Else Can I Do?

Along with the ideas already raised, you could also boost your home’s kerb appeal on a budget with the following steps:

  • Add some nice plants to the front of your home where it’s safe and suitable.
  • Consider adding a fresh coat of stain or paint to your home’s exterior wood.
  • Re-staining garage doors (if you have a garage).
  • Fit some fancier hardware to your garage doors to give your garage a little more character.

As with any of the work explored in this article, you should only undertake DIY work if it is safe and suitable. If in doubt, always hire a professional.