A Complete Guide to Birth Injury Lawsuits

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The birth of a child is an extraordinary experience that is anticipated with joy and excitement. When that joy and excitement turn to tragedy, unfortunate parents seek the help of an experienced birth injury lawyer.

Statistics show that 3 of every 10,000 births result in a newborn fatality due to trauma, and serious birth injuries are even more common than that. Medical professionals are trusted with the most fragile lives, and when they don’t act responsibly, tragedy strikes. 

Birth Trauma is Not Limited to Newborns

For most, childbirth is an incredible experience characterized by awe and wonder. For others, it is a traumatic experience in the wake of tragedy. When fragile lives are crushed by careless medical staff, a birth injury lawyer is just the one to fight for their rights. 

Birth trauma isn’t limited to newborns, either. Studies show that up to a third of women experience physical birth trauma that could have been avoided. Medical professionals are required to provide a standard of care, resulting in the best treatment for patients, including moms and newborns. 

Birth Injury Causes and Categories

Some birth injuries are unavoidable, but many of them are the result of careless or negligent medical staff. When avoidable harm and suffering are caused by carelessness or negligence, a birth injury lawyer can help hold reckless medical staff accountable for their actions. 

Medical professionals are supposed to identify and minimize the potentially serious health risks to mother and baby before complications arise to cause severe damage or fatality. When the standard of care is not met, birth trauma and injuries often result in life-long pain and suffering. 

Birth injury traumas typically fall into five main categories.

  • Fractures and broken bones
  • Internal bleeding
  • Peripheral nerve damage (Erb’s Palsy)
  • Cranial nerve and spinal cord injuries
  • Brain injuries or bleeding, including soft tissue injuries

These birth traumas result in multiple injuries and conditions, many of which are permanent. When a healthy newborn is permanently scarred or irreversibly injured, a skilled birth injury lawyer can help win the compensation necessary to provide adequate care as they grow.

Hold Careless Medical Professionals Accountable

When medical professionals fail to meet the standard of care, resulting in the life-long injury or fatality of a newborn or its mother, the results are catastrophic, and families are left shattered. A skilled and compassionate birth injury lawyer can help those families navigate the legal system to hold negligent medical staff accountable for their actions. Partnering with the right birth injury lawyer can help recover appropriate compensation for the damages suffered.

Partner with a Highly Skilled Birth Injury Lawyer

When happiness turns to tears because of the negligence or wrongdoing of medical staff, the right birth injury lawyer can help hold them accountable for their actions. They will provide stability and support necessary to help families navigate the legal system and endure this difficult time. A highly skilled birth injury lawyer will dedicate their time to ensuring wronged families receive the just compensation they deserve for the avoidable trauma in the delivery room.