Have You Been Involved In A Big Rig Accident? Why You May Want To Hire A Lawyer

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If you have been involved in a big rig accident, you know how confusing and stressful the aftermath can be. Unfortunately, no matter the circumstance, truck accidents are often more complicated than standard vehicle accidents for several reasons, including federal regulations surrounding the industry. This means legal help is usually necessary for a settlement to be successful.

You may feel that the crash was minor and the damages aren’t too severe. However, if you face potential insurance or liability claims, getting advice from an experienced lawyer is vital as soon as possible. 

So let’s examine why hiring big rig accident lawyers after an accident could be beneficial.

  • Hiring An Attorney Helps To Determine Liability

Reputable big rig accident lawyers specialize in determining liability for accidents. They can help you figure out who is responsible for the crash so that you can pursue legal action if necessary. An experienced lawyer will consider all relevant factors contributing to the accident and collect evidence to prove fault.

This may include eyewitness accounts, surveillance footage, medical records, photos of the scene, or police reports. This could be especially important if multiple parties were involved in the accident or if there were any criminal violations related to it.

  • Assists with Collecting Supporting Evidence

Having an experienced attorney on your side means that all evidence related to your case will be collected and presented correctly in court if needed. In addition, your lawyer will ensure all relevant information is appropriately documented and filed with the court so that your case stands up against any challenges from opposing counsel. This includes collecting witness statements, gathering medical records, obtaining incident surveillance footage, tracking down applicable insurance policies, and more.

  • Negotiates Insurance Company Settlements

Insurance companies typically have teams of lawyers working on their behalf, underscoring the necessity of hiring big rig accident lawyers. An experienced attorney can negotiate a settlement with insurance companies so that you get what’s fair while also protecting your rights. In addition, your lawyer will know how to navigate negotiations with insurance companies to bring you the best possible outcome without going through lengthy litigation processes or costly court proceedings. 

  • Ensures You’re Fairly Compensated

A trucking company has certain obligations when compensating its drivers for accidents caused by one of its trucks or employees—but those obligations aren’t always easy to navigate alone. Having an experienced lawyer on your side ensures that these obligations are met so that you get what you deserve from the employer and any money from settlements with insurance companies.

  • Challenges Any Criminal Violations Related to The Accident

Suppose there were criminal violations related to the accident, such as reckless driving, speeding, or other traffic violations committed by either party involved in the crash (the driver or another motorist). In that case, having an experienced lawyer on board can help challenge those charges, reduce their severity, or clear them depending on the circumstances of a case. 

Conclusion:  If You’ve Been In An Crash, Call A Big Rig Accident Lawyer

Hiring an attorney after being involved in a big rig accident is vital to establish liability for the accident. An attorney is also beneficial in ensuring evidence is collected and shown in court and can negotiate a settlement with insurance companies.

Additionally, prominent rig accident lawyers make sure the big rig employer fairly compensates its driver and challenges any criminal violations related to the accident should they arise. Working with an experienced big rig accident lawyer ensures that all legal matters related to your case are handled promptly and correctly.