Creating a Customized Luxury Van Interior – Ideas and Inspiration

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Creating a luxury van with a fully customised interior is an incredibly exciting opportunity – you get to design a unique space that fits perfectly with your style and functionality needs. Whether you need to convert a van into a mobile office, or simply something to get from A to B in as much comfort as possible, there is a nearly endless list of ways you can make a van perfect for you. Getting started with that design process can be a little tricky – if you’ve experienced some creative block, read on for some inspiration and ideas.

Premium materials

One of the things that mark a luxury van interior apart from ‘normal’ van interiors is the use of high-quality premium materials. The sky’s the limit – you can bring in special fabrics like velvet for the upholstery, and rare woods or even carbon fibre for pieces of trim.


While you want to choose materials that look good, you’ll also want to choose items that wear well. Expensive hardwoods and carbon fibre should be great from both of those perspectives, and upfitters like Senzati will be able to provide further advice on unique materials.

Smart technology

While a lot of modern vehicles come with advanced smart technologies integrated already, when you make your own luxury van, you can add whatever you want. That might be a high-end hi-fi system, satellite wifi, or entertainment screens.


Choose top of the end items that add to the aesthetic, rather than detract from it. If there’s an item that’s at the spec you require, but doesn’t quite look right, you can also try to hide it behind a leather panel or seat.

Ambient lighting

Light plays a crucial role in how all spaces feel, and luxury vans are no different. Depending on the use of the van, you’ll want to go with different kinds of lighting. If it’s for working in, you may want brighter, white lights to help you stay alert.


If the van is going to be used more for travel and relaxing, then you may want to go with warmer lights. If you think you may want both, you can also get LEDs that can change from white light to warmer, yellow light.

Personal touches

Finally, while it’s important to take inspiration from articles like this, don’t forget to add your personal touches – after all, if you wanted something generic, you could simply buy a ready-made van.


Get creative – think about your favourite stylistic elements that you’ve seen, whether in your home or in hotels, and ask a custom van designer how you can bring something like that into the van interior.


Hopefully, you’ll now feel a little more confident to start with your custom van design journey. Just remember that you can customise the van as much as you like – get creative, and make sure that you stay true to your personal style. With some high quality materials and a touch of technology, you’ll be well on your way to having the perfect van.