Places to Go Swimming in Turkey – Settling into Turkey as an Ex-pat

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Many people cannot afford the range of prices apartments in Turkey by the sea, and many more may not be able to rent or buy them, both ex pats and locals alike. But it goes with no saying that everyone does like a fancy hangout and a beautiful skin dive. Then comes the big question – how to have a great swimming time and ocean dive without necessarily spending your life’s savings! If you are interested in this kind of topic, then by all means, read on!

According to Turk.Estate here is fancy places to go swimming in Turkey! These places were drawn based on their popularity amongst Ex-pats and will focus on hotels that allow swimming time without lodgment (meaning you don’t have to book a room to use the pool, although there may be some form of gate fees attached).

Hotels with the Best Pools in Turkey

You will find some high-ranking hotels on this list. Fret not. If you can find your way into the swimming area, you will have one of the best times, and you do not necessarily have to book a room. A time out with friends at the lounge, a get-together, a swimming date, etc., can get you in. 

    1. The Lara Barut Collection: This is one of the most exquisite hotels with pools in Turkey. There are many perks to being in this hotel, ranging from the kid’s area, the mini gold course, the bar and lounge, free parking spaces, and free WiFi! As if that is not enough, there is good news for Pool lovers! A magnificent pool sits within the collection, and there is a beach area too. Based on reviews, it is one of the best private pools to have fun in a mature neighborhood.
    2.  The Swissotel, Bophorus, in Istanbul: Nothing beats the large size Pool area in this magnificent facility. Beware, this facility is ordinarily on the pricey side, but just as hinted above, there are many ways to get in. It also features free internet browsing and a gym area/workout section. You will enjoy a pleasant time swimming there.
    3. Limak Lara Deluxe Hotel and Resort: If you had the opportunity to view this facility from the sky, the pools would literally take your breath away. The resort has snakelike, clean, and well-kept pools, including a kiddie’s zone where they can swim, monitored/supervised. There are many resorts and play areas so that you can get in for multiple reasons. Sometimes, however, you may need to pay to enjoy the playgrounds
    4. Aga Konagi Metro Hotel: According to views, this is one of the best places to relax and have a poolside massage in Turkey. It is family-friendly, couple worthy, and has many highlights and fun places around for people to enjoy.
  • The Cappadocia Pools: Finally on this list is the Cappadocia Pools, which are undoubtedly more than large swimming areas; they are quiet, serene, and impressive.


Other Places to Look

When it comes to great pools, you should remember brand names and go for real-time entertainment. It is true that some of the best swimming areas are free and open to everyone, but they have the best activities taking place around them. You can guess the best places to enjoy that kind of fun. Beach sides! If you really love some fun time and do not mind salt water, then look for beaches around you and visit them. You will be surprised at how much fun take place in those local eateries where you can take a dive, eat some snack, play volleyball, etc. 

Things to Bring Along to the Pool/Beach When Swimming

Firstly, you don’t want to forget your swimming trunk. In many famous beaches and hotels, you may find a place to purchase one, but they are often emergency wear and may be more expensive than the market value. The last thing you want is to buy something at a double price when you already have one lying in your closet waiting for you. If you are visiting the beach, you may want to come with a mat, or a beach cloth, which you can spread on the floor. You may as well bring fruit for the party to enjoy. Lastly, you shouldn’t forget your wallet because nobody plans to spend when they go swimming, but in reality, you are over 90% likely to spend more money than you budgeted, so to have maximum fun, you should consider bringing some extra cash.