The Cost of International Surrogacy: Expenses and Considerations

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International Surrogacy has gained significant attention and popularity in recent years among those families that have some issues with fertility. 

Surrogacy Infertility treatment is a complex process that requires state-of-the-art technologies, experienced medical staff involvement, Surrogate selection, legal assistance and many more other factors. 

Of course, the cost of Surrogacy varies from country to country and can be really overpriced. 

Let’s consider together the nuances of Surrogacy cost formation. 

What Is the Price of Surrogacy?

The price of Surrogacy refers to the total cost incurred by Intended parents in the process of engaging a Surrogate to carry and deliver a baby on their behalf.

The International Surrogacy cost depends on various factors and additional services needed for the Infertility treatment process (donor genetic material usage, for example). The final cost can only be evaluated after the initial consultation, examination of the pair.  

What Are the Expenses Involved in Surrogacy?

The primary cost for Surrogacy typically include the following expenses: 

  • Medical 

One of the biggest parts for Surrogacy treatment which encompass a range of services such as In vitro fertilization (IVF), Embryo transfer, prenatal care and delivery. It’s important to note that every case is unique, so there may be additional procedures or services included. 

  • Legal

International Surrogacy means that you need to navigate throughout the legal frameworks in different countries. Professional attorneys are a must for making contracts, agreements, and the necessary paperwork to establish legal parentage and secure the rights of both – Intended parents and Surrogate.

  • Surrogate

Surrogate compensation is also considered to be the great part of expenses. The final sum is negotiated between Intended parents and Surrogate itself and indicated in the legal agreement. 

  • Agency

If you use the services of Surrogacy agencies which coordinate all the processes, it requires additional fees. 

  • Travel

Depending on the place where your Surrogacy will take place, travel for medical procedures, prenatal visits, and the birth of the child together with accommodation expenses are always in.

When we consider the Surrogacy treatment as a complex process with many stages needed to be controlled, the qualitative medical assistance with in-place maintenance – is a first that you need to search.

ADONIS International Fertility company is a medical establishment that has already worked for 24 years in the field of Assisted Reproductive Technologies and Infertility treatment. 

ADONIS ensures the full-cycle treatment process in one place on its own technological basis, individual coordination and additional services that are typical for just Surrogacy agencies.

ADONIS Surrogacy packages are really affordable and lower than average International Surrogacy costs.  

There are the following services available for your comfort and safety:

  • ADONIS own examination laboratory 
  • ADONIS own cryobank 
  • ADONIS own Donor bank
  • ADONIS own Surrogate database
  • ADONIS own Maternity Hospitals
  • ADONIS own Legal Department 
  • ADONIS own coordination center (and Headquarter in Colorado Springs, USA)

In addition to medical services, there are nonmedical ones, such as help with accommodation, transportation, translation, etc. 

Choose the best variant for your case according to price formation and quality level. Choose the best for your procreation!