Midwestern Pet Food Products Class Action Settlement

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If you have bought any Midwestern Pet Food Products, you might qualify for a cash reimbursement as part of a Class Action Settlement.

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Eligibility: This settlement is open to all individuals and entities residing in the United States who have purchased one or more Midwestern Pet Food Products. To view a comprehensive list of the Pet Food Products included in this Settlement, please refer to the List of Recalled Products provided.

Compensation: For Undocumented Claims: You may be eligible to receive $25 for each bag of Midwestern Pet Food Products purchased, with a maximum limit of two bags per claim. Each Undocumented Claim is capped at a total of $50. If you have retained your receipts, you may be entitled to 100% reimbursement for the approved submitted losses.

Proof of Purchase: No proof of purchase is required to participate in the settlement.

Deadline: The deadline to submit your claim is August 3rd, 2023.