Skiing Japan: Discover the Best Ski Resorts in the Land of Powder

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Exceptional offers, beautiful landscapes, delicious food, magnificent ski slopes, and perfect accommodation is what distinguish this beautiful country from other destinations. It records a large number of tourists from all over the world, both professionals in snow sports and fans of snow activities. 


They come to experience the beauty of these ancient mountains and their white fine, soft snow. If you’ve googled a term such as “skiing Japan”, and you’ve gotten confused by the abundance of information and possibilities, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.


Why it is a Number 1 ski destination


During the winter season, this country becomes an oasis for many enthusiasts of skiing, snowboarding, and tourists. Thanks to its beautiful mountains and the quality of the snow it is one of the most prestiges in the world. That is why this destination is on many people’s bucket lists. 


The snow hype


There is a special reason behind the hype about snow in Japan because the quality and texture of the snow here are incomparable to any other. Abundant snowfall, early start and long duration of the season, large resorts with many different trails several kilometers long, delicious food, and various other activities are what attract many tourists.


Briefly about Japan


This country was created by volcanic activity, therefore it is restless, which causes numerous earthquakes and tsunamis as a consequence of it. The most famous volcano is Fuji, which the Japanese consider a sacred mountain. According to its GDP, it is the third strongest economy in the world. The capital is Tokyo, where 14 million people live.


The peak of the season in this winter gem 


However, some ski resorts start working at the end of October, so they work until the beginning of May. The peak of the season lasts between January and the end of February. Then there is snow in the largest quantities, and its quality is exceptional.


Where to go skiing


Since Japan is covered entirely by mountains, it has a handful of ski resorts on the larger islands. 


Best Ski resorts


When it comes to which place to choose, you have more choices between the 4 largest islands, one of the most visited of which is Hokkaido.


The best ski resorts


The quality of service and offer is exceptional when it comes to ski resorts. The price includes numerous additional activities such as skiing on ice, skiing, snowboarding, onsen baths, massages, walking through nature, and many others. Of course, the price of accommodation varies depending on the date of booking, additional excursions, and length of stay. There are luxury variants, mid-range variants, and of course budget-friendly options.


Ski resorts


Club Med Resort


The perfect family vacation is in this resort, where every part of the mountain is covered with the highest quality snow. This snow has a soft texture and resembles powder. One of the longest ski trails is located here, which is over 4 kilometers long. This all-inclusive resort offers numerous activities intended for both families with children and individuals. 


Niseko resort


This resort is located on Hokkaido Island. which starts working at the beginning of December and whose season lasts until April, depending on snowfall. Here, within the offer, you have various activities and many snow trails. The snow is of incredible quality and softness, it is powdery and as such is the best in the world. If you don’t know how to ski, numerous instructors will teach you how to do it on the designated track.


Traditional food and drink


Japanese cuisine is one of the healthiest cuisines in the world, rich in necessary nutrients and minerals. Various combinations of healthy ingredients and spices make it unique and delicious. 


There are more traditional dishes that you must try from sushi, ramen, tempura, and gyoza as well as many others. The traditional drink of Japan is shochu and sake. In Japanese cuisine, cooking is an art of combining flavors.


Get to know the culture


Japan hides numerous monuments, buildings, and masterpieces that have survived for hundreds of years. The special art of painting and writing is unique in the world. People are especially hospitable and kind, smiling and ready to help you. We suggest that you spend one day visiting traditional Japanese villages to see the way of life of the locals.


Other activities you can do


There are various activities that you can do while vacationing in Japan such as ice skating, sledding, walking in the forest, visiting onsen hot springs, driving a snowmobile, visiting a spa or wellness center, relaxing in the pool, and going on various excursions near the resort.


The Onsen 


Onsen is the name for a traditional hot bath in Japan. Here you bathe in thermal springs that are good for recuperating the body and improving blood circulation. Many also come here to relax and recover after a hectic day spent in the snow.




If you are ready to experience winter magic in the best possible way, then Japan is the ideal destination for you. The quality of the snow is unparalleled, and only in the mountains in Japan can you experience skiing on snow that is of the highest quality in the world.