DIY Detox Can Be Dangerous – Join an Alcohol and Drug Detox Center

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If you are planning on getting an alcohol detox on your own using a DIY video you saw on YouTube, then be ready to face some severe consequences. Detox is a very effective cleansing process and sometimes it does work while you do it at home, but the real problems come in the form of withdrawal symptoms and side effects. An alternative to this is joining an Alcohol and Drug Detox Center and going through detox in a methodical manner.

Avoid Complications with the Recovery Process

Many people try getting a detox on their own. They try different juices, cocktails and even odd medications to cleanse their body of alcohol and its traces. These practices are neither safe, nor 100% effective. Furthermore, the withdrawal symptoms like nausea, sleeplessness, tiredness, etc. set in very easily during their at home experiments. There are cases when people have registered severe symptoms like paranoia, and seizures during home detox. This is why it is advisable to get to a detox center for a controlled detox.

Medical Expertise is Required for an Uneventful Withdrawal

The reason why we stress the importance of alcohol detox clinics is that these centers are well equipped to handle any kind of side effects that may arise while you are going through detox. The procedure itself is done step-by-step so that you don’t face any discomfort during the process. All the medications provided to you are within guidelines and the staff at the center have years of experience in handling these medicines. They will be monitoring your physical and mental condition all the while you are at the center. Hence, you can lay back on your fears and get well with complete confidence.

Address Dual Diagnosis Issues with Ease

Aside from detox, the clinics also provide prognosis for dual diagnosis. This is the condition when a person is affected by both their drug addiction and their mental illness. Sometimes it is the mental problems that lead a person towards drugs and the centers make sure to address the patient’s issues while they are trying to attain sobriety. There are a variety of therapies provided to the patients and they will be attending several rounds of counseling with psychiatrists after their detox for alcohol. This combined effort towards sobriety results in the patients getting physically and mentally well in just a few weeks into detox.

Proper Detox Gives a Good Recovery

It usually takes anywhere between 7 days and a few weeks for complete detox. The time period depends on several factors such as the drug you have been using, your present physical and mental health conditions, and even your age. Therefore, the entire process is customized for every patient and you will get your own treatment plan when you join the inpatient detox program. The clinic will have all your needs covered, from good food to a great accommodation. The Alcohol Detox Austin Tx center will also tend to you in case you need urgent care anytime during your stay there.