Learn and Play With Safari Ltd® Puzzles

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It’s the statement every parent and babysitter tries to avoid: a child looks up and says, “I’m bored!” Finding alternatives to occupy their minds can be tough in a world full of devices and screens. One solution is to grab a puzzle. It may seem old-school, but puzzles from Safari Ltd® are a great educational toy that will keep kids busy and engaged.

The Benefits of Puzzles From Safari Ltd®

If you want to help your kids put on their thinking caps, then puzzles are the perfect option. They help grow many skills that are important for a child’s development and success.

Problem-Solving and Critical Thinking

A major benefit of completing puzzles is the boost a child gets when it comes to problem-solving skills. When they run into a tricky part of the puzzle, they have to re-evaluate the situation to find a solution. This also brings critical thinking into play as they analyze the characteristics of each part of the puzzle to find the best fit.

Persistence and Patience

Puzzles are also good tools for building a child’s persistence and patience. Puzzles are fun, but sometimes they can take a while to complete. Children who learn to sit down and focus on the task at hand benefit by gaining more patience. They also learn to manage frustration and keep trying even when a piece doesn’t seem to fit. These are important skills that will carry them a long way through the rest of their academic careers and even into adulthood.


You can also use puzzles to teach your child how to work with others. While they can do a puzzle alone, set up some times when they work on a puzzle with you or with a friend or sibling. As they try to complete the puzzle, you’ll see communication and cooperation skills start to emerge as they work to get the pieces in the right spot.

Types of Puzzles for Kids

Puzzles have been around for centuries and these days, there are more types than ever. You aren’t restricted to flat pieces that map out a landscape scene. Safari Ltd® offers varieties of puzzles so it’s easy to keep your child engaged and excited. Here are some types you should look for:

  • 3D puzzles: Use the pieces to build a 3D model, rather than just a flat puzzle.
  • Foil puzzles: Assemble this puzzle as you would a standard model and enjoy the vibrant finish from the shiny foil.
  • Jigsaw puzzles: Find these classic puzzles with different numbers of pieces so you can control the difficulty for your child (fewer pieces will be easier for small children).

Grow Your Child’s Mind With Puzzles by Safari Ltd®

To keep your child’s mind occupied and growing, skip the screens for a day and try something a bit more traditional. Puzzles are fun educational toys that can grow with your child. Start with large jigsaw puzzles for your little ones and move to more complicated ones as they get older. For great puzzles and other educational toys, check out the options at Safari Ltd.