Visiting Orlando: Don’t Make Any of These Common Tourist Mistakes

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It is easy to get carried away with the excitement of arriving in Orlando and focusing on the fun you are going to have, only to discover that you have fallen into an expensive tourist trap that could cost you money or potentially spoil the mood.


It starts with getting from the airport to your hotel or resort destination. If you think that hiring a car at the airport and finding your own way is going to be a cinch you could be in for a rude awakening. It is so easy to get lost. Orlando is a sprawling metropolis and covers a vast area. It makes a lot more sense to look at Orlando airport shuttle and private transfer options so that you can get straight to where you need to be and sort out any car hire once you have got your bearings.


Underestimating travel times and the complexity of journeys is one of the classic tourist mistakes that Orland visitors tend to make. Here are some pointers to watch out for so you can improve your visitor experience.


Travel times are longer than you expect


If you have booked accomodation that says it is close to some of the major theme parks you should bear in mind that even traveling a short distance in your car can take longer than expected.


It can easily take an hour to get across town, especially at peak times. Even with the help of a SatNav to get around you should allow enough time to ensure you arrive without getting stressed.


Public transport and shuttle services are a good option


You might be surprised to discover that parking charges at top destinations such as Disney and Universal are about $30. When you consider how long you could take parking and the fee to leave your car there for the day, it can often work out quicker and cheaper to use public transport or a shuttle service.


There are many hotels that offer a transfer service. That means you can avoid the hassle of parking and get more time in the park.


Book ahead


You don’t want to run the risk of turning up at somewhere like Walt Disney World or Magic Kingdom only to find that all the tickets are sold for that day. These popular attractions often get sold out in advance. Make sure you have all your reservations confirmed for the day by booking ahead of your trip.


Always keep an eye on the weather


A lot of tourists get caught out by the unpredictable Orlando weather every year. Conditions can change rapidly.


A sudden downpour can quickly spoil your day if you are not prepared. Always check the local weather conditions and pack a rain jacket or umbrella if the forecast says that rain is likely.


Stay vigilant


It is a fact of life that every major tourist destination has its fair share of crime. Orlando is no exception. Make sure you are vigilant when it comes to protecting your personal safety and belongings.


If you follow these simple but important tips it should ensure that your Orlando trip is memorable for all the right reasons.