Why You Should Never Trust the Insurance Company in a Car Accident Case

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Think the US roads are safe? The statistics below will make you rethink that statement.

  • 2020 saw 5,250,837 collisions
  • There were 10,598 crashes due to alcohol-impaired driving
  • There were 35,766 fatal car accidents in 2020
  • Distracted driving was the cause of 2,974 fatal crashes in 2020
  • The highest number of fatalities (7,713) involved adults between 25 and 34

These are scarily high numbers for a country with strict road and DUI laws. If you find yourself in such a situation, it’s crucial to contact a DUI lawyer immediately to understand your rights and options. Irresponsible drivers must not be let off easily if they are caught breaking the law or acting carelessly.

The plight of the accident victims is worse. In addition to the injuries, they also have to put on a fight when negotiating with the insurance company.

So why is that?

Aren’t insurance companies supposed to be the saviors who lend a helping hand to those in need? At least that’s what they market themselves as.

However, when the need arises, they’ll turn into the stingiest people ever to set foot on earth.

You may be on the fence about trusting an insurance company, and that is fine.

This article talks about the reasons why you should NEVER trust an insurance company.

Reasons to not trust an insurance company

There are plenty of reasons to not trust an insurance company. Given below are four of the most important ones.

  • They are for-profit organizations
  • They use scummy tactics
  • They don’t take your losses seriously
  • They are very good at negotiating

We’ll talk about each of the above reasons in detail.

They are for-profit organizations

Whether you like it or not, those in the insurance business are in it for the money. They may advertise themselves as someone the average Joe can trust during difficult times. This can either be a serious surgery or a nasty car accident.

Insurance companies earn money by charging premiums in exchange for insurance coverage. Most insurance companies categorize individuals into classes based on the type of insurance. For instance, a driver’s age, driving habits, and other elements will be considered when applying for car insurance.

This is done to check the risk of the applicants. A high-risk driver is not profitable for the organization. Whereas, an applicant with safe driving habits is the ideal candidate for car insurance.

They use scummy tactics

The moment insurance companies receive a claim, they’ll send an insurance adjuster to investigate the claim. This insurance adjuster is also tasked with calculating the settlement amount.

Offering fair compensation isn’t good for the organization, and the insurance adjuster knows that. The insurance adjuster will:

  • Try to shift the blame on you
  • Downplay your injuries
  • Claim that you were already injured
  • Extend the investigation to annoy you into accepting the low offer
  • Use standard formulas for all losses
  • Ask you to get another medical check-up with a physician of their choice
  • Monitor your social media activity, looking for weak points
  • Send you a check with the low amount

They don’t take your losses seriously

As said before, insurance companies are for-profit organizations. Their only intent is to make money. This will be reflected in the way they handle your claim.

Even if you’re lying on the bed with a broken leg after slipping on a spill in a restaurant, they’ll simply blame you for not being attentive. This will be the same in all situations.

No matter how severe your injuries are, they’ll only think of ways to lower the payout.

They are very good at negotiating

This is actually a compliment.

Insurance companies and their agents are pretty good at negotiating.

They’re so good that they’ll convince you that the low amount they’re offering is the maximum you’ll get.

They’ll also catastrophize your current situation, making you believe that accepting the offer is your best choice.

Tackle insurance companies with a lawyer

An experienced car accident lawyer is the answer to evil insurance companies. The lawyer knows your rights and will fight to ensure they are upheld.

Your lawyer also knows the actual value of your car accident claim. They’ll negotiate with the insurance adjuster and make sure you receive just compensation for your losses.

If you’ve been injured in a car accident, reach out to a lawyer today to find out your legal options.