Dollar Tree Prices Now up to $7

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Do you remember when everything at Dollar Tree cost just a crisp dollar bill? Back in 2021, they raised prices to $1.25, and since then, many stores have added the Dollar Plus section, where you can find an assortment of name-brand toys, electronics, food, home goods like throw blankets, and seasonal decor for $2, $3, or $5.

The “Dollar Plus” sections have been one of the most popular additions to Dollar Tree stores, allowing shoppers to find more of their needs in one place. They plan to introduce over 300 new products in these sections, with prices ranging from $1.50 to $7.

In 2024, Dollar Tree brought back hundreds of items to their beloved $1 price tag, accounting for about 5% of their inventory. These items include candy, sodas, water bottles, spices, canned goods, and powdered drink mixes.

It’s exciting to see Dollar Tree returning to its roots and offering more items for just $1. However, it’s worth noting that sometimes, Dollar Tree’s $1 items may not be the bargain they seem. Keep an eye on the per-ounce price, as some products can end up costing you more than expected. So, while Dollar Tree may offer great deals, it’s always wise to double-check those price tags.