Kids: Fun and Creative Projects for Young Artists

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From an early age, children are exposed to the beautiful world of shapes and colors. The more a child experiments with these, the better their cognitive and behavioral skills will be.


In fact, research has shown that children who actively engage in art-related activities are 4 times more likely to excel in academics.


If you have a bunch of young artists at home, or you wish to give your students some fun and creative projects related to art and craft, then keep reading!


  1. Paper bag jellyfish

For children who have just learned how to use basic craft materials, paper bag jellyfish are a great option! All they have to do is grab a few paper bags and cut out the open end of the bags into small, longitudinal strips.


Next, ask them to stick googly eyes or cutouts of eyes on the top of the bags to make the jellyfish eyes. Lastly, tell them to paint them and further decorate the jellyfish with sparkles, small pieces of sparkly paper, or even seashells!


  1. Toy blocks

Kids who love to arrange shapes and items together will never say no to playing with toy blocks! However, many of the toys are made of harmful plastic substances and are colored with toxic chemicals, which can be hazardous to your children’s health.


A much better alternative is to buy laser-cut toys that are made from DXF files for CNC. If you’re bored of the conventional alphabets, numbers, or shape blocks, you can create your very own designs online and cut them out using a laser printer!


  1. Salt painting

Painting with regular watercolors is fun, but adding salt to it gives a whole new twist to your children’s art project! Ask your kids to gather a handful of salt, a bottle of glue, some watercolors, and paper.


They can add the glue onto the paper in whichever shape they like and then sprinkle salt all over the paper. Next, ask them to brush off the excess salt that isn’t stuck to the glue. When your little one adds the watercolors to the paper, the glued areas will look raised and give a beautiful 3D effect to the painting!


  1. Tissue paper dreamcatchers

Dreamcatchers have always been a beautiful decorative piece in any household. But instead of using the usual objects like feathers, kids can add their fun element! Tell them to gather a bundle of tissue papers, paints, and paper plates.


The best part about this project is that the tissues can be crinkled and painted in any way your child wants. Once they’re done painting the tissues in different colors and have arranged them in shapes, they only have to glue it to the paper plate and hang the plate using a string!


  1. Macaroni jewelry

You might find this hard to believe, but macaroni can be used for things that have nothing to do with eating! Macaroni jewelry has always been a childhood favorite of many adults, and now it’s time to teach your kids the art of jewelry-making!


Take a box of raw macaroni and tell your kids to paint them in different colors. Once the painting has dried, ask them to string together different pieces of macaroni onto an elastic band or a regular string, and voila, they have their very own statement jewelry!


  1. Playdough modeling

Playdough is also a very popular craft among kids. You can find so many different sets, each coming with its own set of fun activities! Not only can children make amazing birds, animals, and mythical creatures using the playdough but can also shape them up into food items and play restaurants.


If you don’t have playdough at home, you can always whip up a batch using safe coloring, tartar, flour, vegetable oil, and scented oils. Homemade playdough lasts for months, so your kids can play all they want!


  1. Handmade diary

Young artists who also love to write will always appreciate the importance of a personal journal. Instead of buying them a journal from the store, you can ask your children to make one!


They have to take a bunch of papers and sew one end of the bunch together. Next, ask them to decorate the cover page of the journal as per their wish, using highlighters, markers, watercolors, or crayons.


Once the cover page is done, they can turn the notebook into a gratitude journal or simply a pocketbook for reminders!



These are just a few of the many, many things that your children can whip up using items from the house. Some other art and craft ideas include yarn-woven alphabets, platter painting on a blank canvas, and even glass painting! However, make sure to supervise small children when they handle items like scissors or sharp beads.