Frugal Crafts: Cereal Box Organizer + Toilet Paper Roll Pencil Holder

I had tons of fun doing this freebie – total cost was right at $1.50 and about 30 minutes worth of work 🙂

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What you need

– 1 Empty Cereal Box

– Hot Glue Gun and Glue

– Scissors

– Ruler

– Toilet Paper Roll

– 3 8×10 Scrapbooking Paper or Construction Paper

Optional – Ribbon

What to Do

1) Measure down 3 inches on the cereal box ( do not include the flaps). Measure around the box and cut – it should look like the picture below

2) Measure from the left hand corner of the cereal box at a slant – the degree of the slant is really up to you – make sure the same measurement is used on the other side ( or it will look all wonky ). Once measured cut – the box should look like the picture below

3) Now measure the paper for covering your cereal box. I simply placed the box on the paper and traced around it. It took about 3 8×10 pieces of paper :)Cut out shapes

4) Hot Glue Gun Time!!!!

Very simply glue the corresponding paper to the cereal box

I am about half way done here

Now how to make the toilet paper roll pencil + pen holder

Enjoy this video I did explaining it all 🙂

NOTE: There is a off screen cameo of Watson around the 26 second mark enjoy ! Notice the tripod move — you might have to raise the volume to hear him

Hot glue the pencil holder to the Cereal Box Organizer

And Enjoy!

The Cereal Box Organizer was inspired by Martha Stewart