Someone Is Using Watson’s Photo!!

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Does this image look familiar ?

Like from THIS POST

Well someone thought Watson was cute enough to use on an auction site for the same coupon HERE

What should I do?

I have already tried contacting here through facebook and twitter and have not heard back yet…I would be fine with her using it if she asked you know.

Update: It seems like there are a varying amount of reactions. I think she just took the photo thinking – cute cat … and did not even think to ask about it. I hope she corrects it – but I will not hold my breathe. I did contact the auction site. Well lesson learned and I will be watermarking images ( of Watson) from now on. Thank you all for your advice.


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  • JLLopez1006

    Sad to say, but in the future you may want to watermark your photos. ;(

    I have seen my own blog fans use some of my photos for their profile pics, and I am fine with that, but using it for online advertising is different.

    Maybe you might ask her to give proper photo credit to you as a happy medium rather than having it get nasty? Best of luck.

  • RL Porter

    i know how much Watson means to you … he is like a child to you … and you should feel as unsettled as if they ripped a picture of an actual human child and used it without your consent … it is also against ToS of eBay (and most other auction sites) to use pictures that are not yours … you could easily have said auction pulled if they do not respond … just appeal to the auction site …

  • dee vandagriff

    Yes! I would be upset! They should have got permission first! Watson kinda represents you! Because we are so used to seeing him ( i love him)

  • Jessica

    It’s not right for using without permission, but it’s done all the time. Take it as a compliment because he is so cute. Keep trying to get it resolved, but don’t get too upset about it.

  • Darlene K.

    I would suggest reporting it to the auction site and see what you can from there. It may be a banning by the site for that person. Other than that you can report her for stealing things that are yours on facebook and twitter (images are included because you are the one who took them).

  • Julee

    Maybe the lady was unable to take a pic of her coupons & she did a google image search using the coupon as a keyword, and thought that pic was the cutest. Might possibly not even know its important photo to you.

  • Katie

    I’ve had to watermark my photos because people steal them. And it’s becoming more frequent. My friend had her picture of her Am Staff stolen and she contacted Facebook – I guess they MOVED and got it fixed very quickly. They don’t want to deal with stuff like that, so hopefully Facebook and Twitter will also work quickly for you.

    Watson is just too cute for the world!

  • Melissa A

    You have a right to be upset. The sad thing is that on the WWW there is so much out there without a copyright. I would start putting your @budgetsavvydiva on your photos I suppose to make sure it isnt done without your permission.. Mr/ Watson is cute and popular đŸ™‚

  • Arline Fischer

    I hate to say it but watermark from now on! Unless there is a model release form there is nothing really you can do. Try asking her to give photo credit at the very least because it may get very ugly. I have seen things like this before and i have also seen fans kind of take over and bash the other site/page etc. so it may get even uglier then you may want.

  • Kourtenay

    With the millions of photos out there..they HAD use
    Asking for an easy link back isn’t a bad idea…after all, it is YOUR picture of YOUR cat!
    They might be new and don’t understand how to reciprocate information of photos. Giving them a chance is always best first. If they still don’t respond or give you credit for the picture, tell them you will have to report them to the auction site.

  • Suzian

    According to Listia rules, she is in violation. I would give her a few more hours to correct it (because she obviously has read what you sent to her….she has posted other tweets since that one), and then I would report her.
    “Replicas, fakes, counterfeit items & unauthorized copies or illegal use of trademarks
    Includes copied CDs, DvDs and other media as well
    Exceptions: legitimate copies of non-trademarked goods or designs”

  • San Diego Deals and Steals

    i havent started watermarking photos yet – but have been told i should too – I would feel totally violated if i were you – even a link back or photo credit is not cool – she should have asked or not used it at all – that is a bummer!

  • Stacy Van Kleef

    If you do a Google Images search using “Purina PRO Plan Cat Food coupon” Watson’s picture comes up.

  • melissa young

    you can usually contact the site to report unauthorized use of your digital property. They tend to take those down quickly because they are worried about being sued for allowing it.

  • Queen

    I think you have every right to be upset. That is very disrespectful of someone to take a picture of anything of yours on this website. Exp. your family members and use them for thier own personal use. Its sad that you have to go thru this. Sometimes we can’t trust everybody to do the right thing. Hopefully it will all work out for you. Thank you for doing what you do. Us Military wives really appreciate everything you do for us to save money! Our Service Members work to hard to waste it!