Update: Nov 24th 2012
Back in March 2012 I was contacted by a publisher to write a book ! I happily agreed :) The book will hit the shelves Jan 15th 2013 – so make sure to pre-order it today!
So I thought it was time that I added that all-important about me! First off I was born and raised in Sunny Los Angeles, California but now located in Portland, OR. I have enjoyed living here though the traffic can be a headache. I grew up always being very money conscience, I was received a real cash register for Christmas when I was a child. So it is safe to say I was budget savvy from the start. I studied hard through high school and was able to attend the University of Southern California to study History. During my college years I decided to get a job at the happiest place on earth: Disneyland!

It feels like it was forever ago, but Disneyland was a great place to work. But I was always shocked on how much guests would spend on 5.00 pretzels and 20.00 hats they will never wear again. Also this is where I met my best friend and DH, Eric! You know you found your soul mate when he is willing week after week to hold my coupon binder as I find my deals at the local CVS!


After graduating from University of Southern California, I had various jobs in advertising and retail and found out that they were not a good fit at all. So with a push from my family I started this blog. I love helping everyone find those amazing deals and be able to save some money!
I have many hobbies including cooking as well as photography. I love to cook simple meals that have tons of flavor and do not break the bank. I have been able to participate in many cooking competitions including Aetna healthy food fight contest

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