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pensNow this might be the strangest deal I have every posted but possibly the most practical!

Graveyard Mall has SIX POUNDS of pens-higher quality click pens- for $13.99 today. Shipping is typically about $6 from Graveyard Mall and you will receive 315 pens.

I know some of you are teachers and I have a feeling this is probably something that might come in handy. All the pens are overstock or misprints from companies that order them. It comes out to about .06 per pen including shipping.

The ones you receive should look like the picture above and I bet a lot of these are nice pens- Graveyard seems to have images that are very accurate to what you actually receive.

I am so tempted to order these! I just had to buy a pen at Walmart to do the deals list this week because my pens seem to all disappear.