Guest Post: Does making freezer meals really save your budget?

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Before I started to make freezer meals I never realized how much we wasted not only in food but in money as well for take-out, groceries when in a hurry and how much money we threw away on left overs as well. I started a log to see how much it was actually running our family and I was just in shock when I seen the totals!
Now, I take a weekend to make all of my breakfasts, lunches and dinners for the month.
I don’t know about for your family but a quick trip to Mc Donalds on those nights when everyone has activities going on runs us $30 each time! So you figure if you did that just 4 times a month your looking at $120 in fast food!
Now figure out how much you spend in the food your throwing away such as left overs, things that you forget you have in the fridge and see how much your spending on those items as well. When you figure it out the cost might really shock you as well.
When you make freezer meals for a month your waste costs will go down as well as your grocery budget. I would suggest getting all your veggies for your meals at the flea market/ fruits and veggie stands if you can get them for similar prices that I do.
I suggest just keeping a journal for a month to see just how much money you actually waste. How much you spend on lunches out, food you throw out, and how much you spend on groceries. I think the totals will find you thinking about how you can cut these costs.
If you find yourself wondering how to cut your costs then try the freezer meals. It’s also great for busy families who have a lot of activities that they need a meal ready for when they walk in the door so you can get dinner on the table fast. Also don’t forget about those times when your sick and everyone still has to eat and your just NOT wanting to cook.
Here are some of our favorite freezer meals that can get you started. We make meals for Breakfast because we all have different morning schedules and breakfast is the most import meal to start your day. These are only a couple of our favorites.
Our kids take lunches for school, and we take them on field trips for home schooling as well. However, having lunches for work is great for these as well. Now for some of these lunches a microwave might be needed. You can choose to do others for the kids that do not need a microwave, our kids have access to one.
Our freezer dinners, make evenings so much easier on those busy nights when everyone has activities. Not to mention when I’m sick I know they are still eating healthy and I can just throw it in a pan or crockpot and I’m done till serving time which really saves on the germ sharing. Our favorite Freezer meal Dinners are listed but there are MANY more that you can choose from.
These are just examples of some of the freezer meals that we make for our family. Their are so many different meals that you can make. That your family will never get bored and say they wish they had something new. Just do a search for freezer meals and the list is endless!
Thank you Debbie from Frugal Diva’s Frenzy for providing such a great post!