Guest Post: Not enough time to make freezer meals for a month?

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I know that some of you are thinking that with your busy schedules or other things that make life hectic that you will not be able to use the freezer meals to make things a little less rushed and save you money.
Well, there is a way that you can help cure the problem of doing all the cooking yourself. See if your friends and family would like to co-op freezer meals for the month.
What does that mean? When you co-op say freezer meals you get a group of friends or family together and each of you make so many meals for each family (They will be all the same) So say there are 5 people in the co-op, each of you would make 6 different dinners, 6 different lunches, 6 different breakfasts for the people in your co-op. They would do the same and then you get together and split the meals up so that you each have 30 different meals.
If you know someone who has a great dinner recipe then they make that and 5 other meals for dinners. Then you make your specialty and so on. This takes a lot of time out of making the meals and your all getting the same amount.
Another option is that you all do a co-op get together in one kitchen and make the meals for the month and again split them. You would split the cost of the groceries as well so that everyone is paying less for their months worth of groceries. Be sure to take into consideration those who have family members with allergies when doing the co-op.
This is a great way for everyone to get together and have a great time as well as save on your grocery budget and have some amazing meals as well. Be sure to get your grocery lists ready before going to the store and your coupons to match the items so that your ready to save. You can also check the store deals on Frugal Diva to match the prices and coupons for the items you need.
I have done this before and it works out very well. There is nothing like a bunch of people in the kitchen laughing, cooking and having just a great time. It also helps when you have little ones as everyone can take turns checking on them to make sure they aren’t into anything they aren’t suppose to be. đŸ˜‰
You will have to label and make an index card for the freezer meals with what else needs to be added to them when using that meal. So that everyone in the co-op knows how to prepare it. However, you will only have to do it one time and put it in your recipe box for the next time you have it. This also gives your family an opportunity to try new foods that you may not make. So there will always be a variety as not everyone cooks the same things.