Product Review: Supermart Smarty

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Supermart Smarty Review:
          You know I love anything that will help with grocery shopping. Nothing is worse then wandering up and down the aisles trying to remember what you need to buy; if you are like me you end up forgetting the very item that you went to the store for. This is why I was excited when I received a shopping list helper from Supermarket Smarty to review. It come with a dry erasable marker, the list with just about everything you could think of buying on a regular base plus areas to add your own and a cute little clip to put on your fridge.
You go through each section and check off what you need at the store, then when you have it in your cart, wipe off the check. Though it is good idea, I was not a fan of not having something to wipe off the dry erase marker other then my fingers. Just what I want is blue fingers when I am touching fresh fruit and veggies, score!
I do enjoy that there are healthful tips on what to buy in term of protein and heart-healthy and so on. However, I found no logic to how the shopping list was set up. There are sections like : grains, baking, personal care; however, items like chicken breast, ham, turkey, roast beef, peas, tuna, are listed twice in completely different places. Even worse is the listing of bell peppers in four different places. Not a very Smarty idea to me.  There is also a magnifying plastic section on the front of the product, extremely awkward to use because it attached to the product. The intention was to use it to magnify labels; however, the very print inside the product is so small and light that I with 20/20 vision had difficulty reading the words. So I better get some glasses to read the Supermart Smarty; then use the awkward plastic magnifier to read the labels.
One of my biggest problems with the item is the fact that it is marketed as a way to SAVE you money; however, it leaves no room to indicate you have coupons for the product or keep coupons anywhere. It is a pet peeve of mine when something is marketed as a money-saver but is really not. I understand the concept of having a list of items to buy to make sure you do not buy anything extra, thus saving you money. However, I would like to know how a pen and paper is any different. The really thing that was unique about this product was the symbols used in indicate a certain food was healthily, sadly this turned out to be somewhat of an empty promise. There are numerous times when the same product (i.e. Roast beef, pasta, etc.) have completely different symbols. So suddenly roast beef goes from a lean protein to not a lean protein in a matter of 6 inches on this Smarty shopping list. 
In the end, this product seems like a good concept at first but the lack of coordination and thought make it a buy you should be wary of.  At a price point of 9.99, I rather use the back of a free envelope, with my money-saving coupons, and a pencil.
I know some might think such a review is harsh; however, Budget Savvy Diva will be completely honest in reviews and will not be swayed by something being free for a positive review.
I received the Super Market Smarty shown above and no other payment. This is 100% my opinion and may not be agreed on by others.