Soda Stream Review

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In my family I am known as the non-finisher of soda. Scattered around the house is half-drunk cans of soda. “I know, I know… It is wasteful,” but I cannot help the fact that I do not drink soda very fast nor do I like to drink flat soda. So when I heard that SodaStream, something I had never heard of before, wanted me to review their product, I was interested in what the outcome would be.
When the 25 pound box arrived a few weeks later I was excited! I could hardly wait to try it. I received the Fountain Jet Starter Kit! It is great for everyday family use. There are 30 different flavorings for the soda that retail for about 4.99 each but you are able to make 12 liters of soda with each. Do not worry I figured out how “budget savvy” this product is, but that will come later. Also there are mywater flavorings that I received as well; think of them as lightly flavored (lemon or orange, or berry) mineral water. The set up was simple enough; the kit comes with a CO2 cartridge, place that into the back and you are pretty much set. Screw in one of the liter bottles with COLD water and push the button to inject the CO2 until you hear three super LOUD buzzes. Then measure the flavoring, pour it in, give it a little shake and you are down.
In reality, it really is that simple to make. The main problem though is that the “measuring cup” is suppose to be the cap; however, there are a number of lines within the cap, so I am constantly guessing how much syrup to use. The soda itself is super crisp tasting, very good. My personal favorite has been ginger ale or Cola Zero, their version of coke zero. Now the mywater’s are amazing, super refreshing, this to my family out beats the soda. I love the 1 liter bottles so the chances of it being used up before it goes flat is higher, plus the caps are super grade and keep the soda fizzy!
I have been weary of writing this review on an incident that happened with this product about a week ago. I am not indicating the product to blame; it is something I thought was important to express in my review. I did the procedure like normal, water in bottle, three buzzes, poured in the syrup; however, both I and sweetie agreed that it was flat. There were a few bubbles but something I would not drink. So I screwed the bottle back on, let me point out there are no directions to indicate what to do in this situation, I carbonated it again ONLY for one more buzz. As I was unscrewing the bottle I heard a loud fizzing sound and then BAM! The bottle flew into my neck, and the Cherry Cola went EVERYWHERE: the floor, the ceiling, and the walls, all over myself. Granted I did not get hurt, I just thought to share that experience with you.
However, I am still loving’ the SodaStream and I are still planning on using it!
Now the “budget friendly” part, what is going to cost the most is the CO2 cartridges, you can either buy 60 or 110mL. The better value is 110mL. I will not bore you with math but the lowest you can make the soda stream is about 1.25 for a two liter, which is a bit better over the store brand. The SodaStream Kits start at 99.99.  Also another positive is that it is green. In the end it is a fun product, just watch out for carbonated you make the product!