Guest Post: ShopWithSavvy : Compare local grocery chains and get the best price!

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Great news for you Southern California grocery shoppers on a budget!  The new website, ShopWithSavvy, uses amazing technology to let you compare the local grocery chains and determine where to shop for the best prices.
ShopWithSavvy knows that with grocery prices changing so often, your “favorite store” may not have the best deals on what you need week after week. The comparison site makes it easy to save at least 10% by helping you determine where to buy your groceries.
Want to learn how to save up to $45, even before using coupons? Each week ShopWithSavvy updates its Weekly Price Index, allowing you to compare prices of staple groceries from six leading Southern California chains – Albertsons, Ralphs, Smart & Final, VONS / Pavilions, Costco, and Fresh & Easy. This week, instantly find out which store has the best price on ground beef, fresh fish, kid’s cereal, ice cream, and other items.
Shopping for a family of four and want to spend around $90? How about $15 to $20 less, just by making a second stop? ShopWithSavvy shows you how to buy your weekly groceries at more than one store, to save another 10-15% at check-out. See for yourself at
Labor Day is coming up, and during the holidays, every grocery store seems to be running a different promotion, one better than the next. ShopWithSavvy keeps you from spending too much money during the holidays, a time you’re often feeding more people, with a special update.  See the comparison from Independence Day and you’ll notice the savings are even greater when comparing weekly deals during the holidays:
So make sure to check out the price comparisons on grilling favorites like chicken breasts, ribs, hamburgers and hot dogs this Labor Day at ShopWithSavvy, or enter your email address to get an update emailed to you every week.
For all you shoppers wanting to save a little more time, you don’t need to check different sites and shuffle through your weekly circulars anymore.  ShopWithSavvy features the best weekly deals from local Southern California supermarkets and drugstores all on one convenient page.
So make sure to visit before leaving for the store, and see how much time and money you save!