Harry Potter Butter Beer Recipe

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Harry Potter Butter Beer Recipe

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I think I was in 4th grade when the first Harry Potter book came out – I use to read Harry Potter books like they were candy. I am NOT an avid reader – actually it is a family joke.

You see I thought reading was okay throughout school UNTIL I had to read Moby Dick in 11th grade – I was taking AP English ( which is a college equivalent course) you can take in high school – my teacher made us read Moby Dick and we spent pretty much the WHOLE SCHOOL YEAR breaking down every metaphor and alliteration in that tome of a book – she promised us that we would be able to use it on that AP exam ( and me being an A student I gave it all my efforts)  — guess what there was nothing that we could use concerning Moby Dick – ever since then I have a hard time reader a full novel. Now with that rant over 😉 I have been wanting to try Happy Potter Butter Beer and I will say it is pretty good though a tad sweet

Harry Potter Butter Beer Recipe

I found the imitation butter and imitation rum in the seasoning section at Winco

Fun Fact – Cream Soda use to be my favorite soda growing up 🙂

Have you ever heard of Harry Potter Butter Beer before?

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Harry Potter Butter Beer Recipe



  • 1 Cup of Marshmallow Fluff
  • 1 Cup of Whipping Cream
  • 2 Teaspoons of Rum Extract
  • 1 Tablespoon of Butter Extract
  • 2 Liters of Cream Soda


  1. In a blend - combine 1 teaspoon of the rum extract, whipping cream, and marshmallow fluff - blend till well combined
  2. Open the cream soda and pour in butter extract and 1 teaspoon of rum extract
  3. Place the cap onto the soda and slowly roll the bottle back and forth to combined
  4. In a glass pour ¾th of soda then ¼th of the topping - the topping will GROW so be careful
  5. Enjoy

Recipe is adapted from HERE