MUST READ – Everday Tips: Myths about Saving Money ON Gas + Tips on HOW to Save Money on GAS

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Went to the gas station today and was FLOORED at the price – over $4.00 a gallon – So I thought what a perfect topic to discuss this week – but I simply did not want to tell you tips that save you money BUT Gas Savings tips that DON’T Really WORK – I mean who wants to use tips that really are not going to save them money.

You might laugh at the photo above – but it is so sad how close it is to the truth. $50.00 + dollars to fill up one’s car – I mean I spend less then that on groceries for the week.

Here is a Run Down of Gas Saving Tips that REALLY DO NOT WORK:

1. Turning Off the AC

This is one I am surprised does not really save you THAT much gas. Auto testing at Consumer Reports proves that running the AC uses such a small amount more in gas, you may as well turn on the AC and be comfortable on a hot day 🙂

Rolling down your windows can add drag, zapping your car’s efficiency – which reduces your gas mileage – actually costing YOU more money  – so roll up those windows and enjoy the AC 🙂

Keeping the Engine Running:


Starting a car sucks up fuel, some say, so keep the engine idling when possible. That’s bad advice: today’s fuel-injected vehicles are efficient and don’t waste gas during start-ups anymore. In fact, idling can cost you up to half a gallon of gas an hour.Every moment you spend idling your car’s engine means needlessly wasting gas, as well as rougher wear on your vehicle. Idling for more than 10 seconds wastes more gas than is needed for startup. Overall, Americans idle away 2.9 billion gallons of gas a year, worth around $78.2 billion.

Changing the Air Filter

Now it is IMPORTANT to keep up the maintenance  in your vehicle. Don’t expect maintenance like changing the air filter to get you more miles out of the gas tank, though. Consumer Reports tests have shown that with today’s computerized cars, clogged air filters don’t actually reduce fuel economy. Also the cost of either paying someone to change it or changing it yourself will increase the amount of money you are spending on your car.


NOW here are some proven ways you can save money on GAS:

– Remove snow tires after the winter season, since they require more fuel.

– Don’t carry unnecessary items in your car. Every 250 extra pounds eats up an extra mile per gallon. Another good reason to clean out the trunk

– You might want to buy your gas at the wholesale clubs, like Costco and some Sam’s Clubs. You can often save over 10 cents a gallon. Or, if you don’t like the wholesale clubs, get a gas credit card. You’ll get a 1% to 5% discount when you buy that brand of gas.

– Buy gas when it’s cooler during the day (like the early morning or at night) to reduce gas evaporation.

– This surprises a lot of people, but don’t over-fill your gas tank. You don’t want the gas to slosh out or evaporate.

– Keep your tires properly inflated. This can make a huge difference in your gas mileage — up to 6% loss for every single pound your tire is under-inflated. Check your tire pressure frequently, especially if your tires have a tendency to lose pressure.