Tips To Save Money On Gas

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It seems like I’m always on the go. Running errands, driving from store to store for the best deals, getting to appointments, etc. These things keep me constantly in the car and away from home. I can’t begin to possibly tally up the miles I drive each week but if I could I know the miles would add up to a staggering amount. If you have a houseful of little ones, countless errands to run each day or a busy social schedule then you know what it’s like to be stuck in the car constantly. Air conditioning, the ability to go wherever whenever and a radio that plays all the latest music may seem like it would make constantly being in the car worth it but trust me, it does get old after awhile. Especially when you take into consideration the effect the constant driving has on your wallet/bank account.

Up until recently gas prices have been through the roof. If you’re a daily driver then it’s almost impossible to be oblivious to the awful gas prices across the country but lately there seems to be some hope that prices will stay at a reasonable price. Just the other day, as I was driving home from the grocery store, I noticed that my local gas station had prices up boasting less than $2 per gallon. I was beyond delighted to see this change and no longer quite as stressed about getting from place to place as I was before when prices were still steep, over $3 per gallon.

Being the budget savvy diva I am, I’ve always been great about finding alternative ways to offset the cost of the items we need most in our home. This also applies to gas prices. When I started researching ways to save money on gas, I was surprised at how many options there actually were to make it easier to afford the most commonly used staple. I’d love to be able to share some of these tips with my readers!

  1. Tune Ups. If you want to get the most out of the money you spend putting gas in your tank, then the key is keeping your car in good running condition. Keeping your car regularly maintained and keeping your tires full at all times will go a long way in helping you get the most out of your gas mileage. The less harder your car has to work to get you where you need to go, the more you save.
  2. Gas Saving Apps. If you do a quick google search you’ll be amazed at how many gas saving apps there are available in your playstore or apple store. The Gas Buddy App is a great one to use and helps you find the lowest gas prices in your area. It’s as easy to use as installing, plugging in your location, setting your gps to find the nearest, cheapest price and filling up.
  3. Consolidate Trips. I’m guilty of taking too many trips throughout the week. It’s so easy to put things off and just go where I need to each day but consolidating trips and making a specific day each week to use as your errand day will help you save tons on gas.
  4. Carpool. This is another great way to save money. A lot of times if a family or friend is going to the same place as you, it’s great to be tag along and just chip in some for gas as long as they don’t mind the company. It also saves you from having to fill up every day.
  5. Clean Your Air Filter. This is something that I think most people are guilty of because we just don’t think about our cars air filters. Every day when we drive we open our car up to dirt, debris, dust and bugs which can quickly clog the air filter and cause your car to work harder than it has to. Replacing a clogged filter can help you reduce the cost of oil by up to 20%.

Saving on gas prices is easier than you think and with the help of these 5 tips, even you can save a bundle. Whether you use your vehicle for every day errands, doctors appointments, school pick up and drop offs, or even work, you can save money on your daily commute by following these 5 simple tricks that I’ve learned and have been using myself.