HOT NEWS: Having To Pay to Try on Clothes???

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Read this article and thought y’all would enjoy it — love to hear what you think about it 🙂

Stores in Australia are demanding shoppers pay as much as $50 to try on garments – a fee which is refundable if they decide to purchase the item.

Guess why they are doing this:
The move is said to prevent people from trying designer items in-store, then buying them online at a discounted price.

also noting that the stores employees time is valuable – and should be paid for the “annoyance”  of opening up the changing room door…
Many owners are stating that they want to ensure that if he doesn’t get the sale, at least he pays for their time.
Stores that have this fee have seen a raise in income.
Can you believe this?
Wonder how long till the United States stores start doing this?