MUST READ – Budget Travel Series: Make A Budget and More Importantly Keep to It

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So saving money can be hard sometimes especially when traveling – all those costs add up like gas, food, and of course souvenirs. Well Budget Savvy Diva is here to help you out – I will be dishing all my best budget travels tips as I write a play – by -play on planning and enjoying my upcoming trip to Sea World in San Diego. To get caught up on what has already happened – To find out more about the budget travel series . Make sure to check in every hour on the half hour for hourly travel money saving tips!

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Hourly Travel Money Saving Tip:
Make A Budget and More Importantly Keep to It: This is so essential – make a reasonable budget and stick to it. Once you have established a budget try and find ways to reduce it – like packing your own food – it is better to budget for to much than too little.