Frugal Gardening- Herb Cans

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This article is provided by Just Trying to Save Money 🙂
My mom’s birthday was yesterday (Happy Birthday again Mom) and I always have my girls make something for her. She never wants anything so I figure if her grand kids make it then it will mean more and she will keep it forever!!! So this year we made her a few herb cans!! They are very easy to make and of course very inexpensive!! ( I know I need a new camera- it is getting really bad!!)

First you are going to need a few things:
-Cans (we just used soup cans and vegetable cans- cleaned and air dried are best)
– One Nail
– Dirt
– Plant of Choice (we chose to use lavender and basil)
– Newspaper
– Decorative Paper
– Crayons (we tried markers but they smeared when we glued the paper, crayons are best)
– Bowl
– Scissors
– Paint Brush
– Bottle of Glue 

First you will need to clean out your cans, peel off the label and then let dry. Next take a hammer and nail and poke holes in the bottom of the can for drainage.

Then take your decorative paper and measure out the actual width and length of the paper you will need to cover your can. Decorate your paper the way you want. My girls wrote messages to grandma, but you can draw pictures or whatever you want. Then you will need to pour your glue into a bowl, then take your paint brush and dip it into the glue. Then paint on the glue on the outside of the can. Stick the decorative paper to the can and then paint more glue over the paper. This will help get glue into the edges where the paper and can meet. Gluing the outside will help to keep the paper from getting wet when you water your plants.

Let your can dry, over night is best but a few hours will work. Once it is completely dry take a piece of newspaper and ball it up in the bottom of your can, add dirt and then add your plant. That is it, you are done!! Make sure you put these somewhere that can drain through the bottom or place something underneath if you want them inside somewhere.