Kids Frugal Fun: Patriotic Wind Sock

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Each week I bring you a craft that is fun, educational, and frugal! Since this week is Memorial Day, I thought it would be appropriate to make a craft honoring the sacrifice of our nation’s heroes. Thanks to Enchanted Learning for this week’s idea. My educational modifications are at the bottom.
Oatmeal container
red and white streamers or strips of construction paper
blue and white construction paper
1. Cover the oatmal container with blue paper. Cut stars out of the white construction paper and glue all over the blue.
2. Cut strips of red and white paper or use streamers and attach to the end of the container.
3. Hole punch 4 holes at opposite end of containter and tie string going through the holes.
4. Wave your wind sock proudly!
Educational adaptations:
Social Studies/History: 1. Discuss the meaning behind Memorial Day. Have your child illustrate your discussion. 2. Research any heroes you may have locally.
Language Arts: 1. Have your child make a thank you card for veterns at a local vetern’s hospital. 2. Have your child record the steps to making the wind sock. 3. Have your child write what freedom means to them. 4. Write the words FREEDOM or MEMORIAL DAY at the top of a sheet of paper and see how many words your child can create using the letters in the words.
Science: When using the wind sock, have your child record what direction the wind is blowing. Label a sheet of paper with N for North, S for South, W for West, and E for East to aid in directional understanding.


Thanks! Momondealz