Kids Frugal Fun: Table Manner

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Each week I try to bring you a craft you can do with your kids that is both educational AND frugal. We’ve been having some table manners issues with Will lately so this week I came up with a craft that is geared towards improving this behavior. I have included educational modifications at the bottom of the post.

1 toilet paper roll
1 paper plate
Various colors of construction paper ( or 1 color based on your preference)
tape or glue
1. Cut the center circle out of a paper plate. Write your topic in the middle. Ours was “Will’s Meal Time Rules”.
2. Set the circle on top of the toilet paper roll to mark where you will need to slit the roll to insert the plate.

3. Trace your child’s hand about 5 times. You can just trace it once and then cut all the sheets at once, but Will LOVES when we trace his hands.

4. Write a rule on each “hand”.
5. Tape or glue the hands around the plate and you have a “flower” of learning!
Educational Modifications:
Language Arts:
1. Write 1 word on the plate and have each hand be a rhyming word.
2. Write the title of a book on the plate and story elements on each hand (setting, problem, solution, etc).
1. Put “I Know My Shapes” on the plate and put different shapes on each hand for your child to identify.
2. Put “Math Symbols” on the plate and put math symbols on the hands. Have your child tell you what symbol represents (ie: + means to add).
1. Put a habitat on the plate and characteristics or animals that live in that habitat on the hands.
Social Studies/History:
1. Put “I Am A Good Citizen” on the plate and put citizenship traits on the hands.


Thank You Momondealz