Winnie The Pooh – Take a Look at Budget Savvy Diva Trying to Draw

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Yesterday was EVERYTHING Winnie The Pooh!at the Disney/Dreamworks Event

Winnie The Pooh is coming to Theaters July 15th! My full review will be posted closer to the films debut – but I will say is it VERY cute!

One of the many exciting activities we were able to do was meet Bruce Smith – supervising animator for “Piglet”, “Kanga” and “Roo”). One little fact about Budget Savvy Diva is that I love animation – I use to fill notebooks ( and sometimes homework) with doodles – and my parents were supportive and sent me to art classes all through my youth till college… This was my first time to really draw anything in years – and to be taught by the best was just icing on the cake. Bruce Smith was kind enough to give me his Roo drawing and I took a picture of my attempts to draw Roo and Piglet! Take a Look