Budget Savvy Diva Needs Your Help – Please Give Input

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Budget Savvy Diva fans I need your help.

No no I am not asking for tips but I need help on the subject πŸ˜‰

I am in the middle of reviewing a takeout service – used their program tonight and will be enjoying the food soon. We decided to actually pick up the takeout to avoid tipping the delivery man and pay the service fee.

But I am shocked to see this at checkout

So I tip like at restaurants and I normally tip 20% but I find it strange to be forced to tip for a takeout service.

Do you?

Now it is not the concept of tipping but I want to know what you think about having to be forced to give a tip by this ordering system

I greatly appreciate your input and it will help me with the review.

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  • Nicole

    We always tip for takeout service, I figure they are actually doing more work by driving it to you than the typical waitress who doesnt have to leave the restaurant.

  • Kim

    I tip for delivery service even if there is a delivery fee because that does not usually go to the driver. I do not tip for take out or counter service. They are not waiters or waitresses and are being paid at least minimum wage.

  • Monica Crain

    No way would I tip a window associate! They don’t even have to walk let alone carry the food or serve or followup or anything.

  • Susan Olsen (Sue Ruiter Olsen)

    I feel if you pick up your own food you do not need to leave a tip. I’m thinking they only have one type of receipt and that is on it.

  • Lori M.

    I think it is wrong to ask for tips when you are getting takeout. I have seen this before, and I always put a zero (0) in the spot. I spent my gas to pick it up wgy should I have to tip! My opinion!

  • ashley nielsen

    I do not feel the need to tip when it comes to this and wouldn’t. Had you sat down and they “served” you..water,drinks, your meals..refilled those drinks offered desserts etc. Then yes you tip. Not for takeout.

  • Tamma Borzotra

    Shoguns adds it to the total on takeout. quite a bit, and I also hate being forced to give a tip. also the delivery charge on pizza! cost of pizza, 1.50 delivery charge AND a tip adds up!

  • anna

    I don’t tip at places like that unless the food and service is exceptionally good, that tip jar is for the order taker behind the counter.they get paid a straight pay unlike the delivery person who gets a lower wage.

  • Jessica

    I don’t tip on take out. If they aren’t delivering it to me, or serving me I don’t tip. I think its ridiculous that they are “forcing” you to tip!!! I wouldn’t be to pleased.

  • Linda Miglio

    I do not tip with take out, only if it is delivered, and I tip less with a buffet-all they do is fill our glasses. I am normally a big tipper at a full service restaurant, so it is not because I am cheap.

  • Sandi Hall

    Tips are “To Insure Proper Service” and should be given in restaurants when the server ‘goes above and beyond’ or when service is exceptional. It is not required for takeout, and is pretty tacky. Unless the service is exceptional, don’t even acknowledge the ‘tip jar’ or tip request.

  • Belkys

    I normally dont tip when I see this. I think if you didnt sit down and have someone wait on you, then why would you tip? You also had to get yourself off your comfy couch to go get it and use your gas, so I think you deserve the tip much more πŸ˜›

  • Penny

    If you picked it up , i dont think i would tip. They just bagged the food together. If they delivery i would tip for there time and gas.

  • Jane Rushing

    I do not tip if I pick up my takeout. Why tip? You are paying for the food and containers. No extra service is given. I do not like to be forced to give extra money. Tips stands for ‘to insure prompt service’. I was a waitress so I do understand tipping. Who gets the tips in the jar on the counter? I would ask!

  • Beth

    I would put “Tip with cash” and then give nothing. I agree with the previous poster that it’s likely a set form and therefore just asks everyone.

  • Tamara

    In retail we do (atleast at the store I work at) way more work than your average delivery person, we are on our feet all day long, literally servicing head to toe your wardrobing needs, wardrobing everyone who comes in to our store, no exceptions, and we treat them with complete respect — no sharks in our store. Yet we are not allowed tips, so if this is the case, I think it should be illegal to be forced to give a tip, unless the person is doing actual work like driving etc.

  • Ashley Newberg

    If you’re forced to pay it, they shouldn’t call it a tip, they should call it a convenience fee or something like that. If they really want to encourage tips, they should just provide great service. Seeing that would make me less likely to give a tip.

  • Teri

    I would not tip at the register when picking up. Those folks are paid to provide that service, it isn’t like wait staff who are not paid even minimum wage.

    I vote NO and I would have told them so at the register.

  • jessa livingston rollins

    I definately do not think any service should force you to tip…i normally am a big tipper but i dont tip if a waitress is rude or the food is really late…i def would not tip if i ordered the food and picked it up myself. They made the food…you paid for it…they did not provide any extra service for you to tip them for…no i do not agree!

  • Jennifer

    I ususally tip the delivery driver, but if I pick up the order, I DO NOT tip and I don’t think customers should be solicited for tips or forced to pay a tip. That’s my feeling about any service, even in a restaurant. If the service is terrible it will be reflected in the tip. I go out to be served and taking care of, when that doesn’t happen, the service provider shouldn’t expect to be either!

  • Penny P

    A tip is something that you give for good or above average service. I very rarely go with out tipping but I do not always tip as much as others feel I should. With that said there is NO WAY I would tip for take out! I don’t tip the cashier at the McDonald’s window why would I tip the take out person?

  • Erica

    I don’t feel the need to tip at ALL when it’s takeout. I hate it when they put tip jars on the counter by the register. I spent the gas to come pick up the food I’ve ordered and paid (or am paying) for. I have absolutely no problem tipping servers, but if all you are doing is handing me my order in a bag? No way….

  • Priscilla

    If i’m picking it up then no I don’t tip. No offense to anyone but what did they actually do. They didn’t deliver to my door. If they had delivered it then yes I do tip even if a delivery charge is added. On the other hand hubby says he tips when he orders takeout when he goes pick it up. He said especially if it’s curbside and they take it to his car.

  • Grace Gagnon

    I used to work at Red Lobster as a bartender, and as a bartender I only got paid min wage to make all the drinks in the restaurant, do all the orders at the bar, and take and put together all take out orders. There was no rule where the waitresses shared their tips with the bartenders, so I relied on tips given with takeout. I really took my time making sure all the take out orders were done correctly and hardly ever got a tip. In some instances I believe it would be cool to tip during takeout, especially if it is a huge order. Luckily, I do not work there anymore πŸ™‚ So, to each their own in the world of tipping..

  • Sandra whittington

    To tip is defined as to give gratuity. I tip based on the service I receive rather than the cost of a meal. It takes the same energy/effort to bring me a prime meal as it does an appetizer. Basing a tip on the cost of a meal makes no sense. It definitely doesn’t make sense to tip on take out. Thats like tipping at McDonalds. I will say that I have never not tipped. If I receive good service the waiter/waitress receives a good tip; if I receive bad service he/she receives a bad tip. I alway leave something….the least I have left was penny.

  • Lisa

    They probably just have one receipt. I’d just leave the top “pay with cash” and write “zero” on the tip line; or just cross through that area of the receipt. They may be “wanting” a tip (who couldn’t use the extra cash), but I’m sure they don’t “expect” one.

  • Regina Smith

    No way do I tip for counter service. They get their paycheck and if they dont like their job or have a problem with their pay they should do something about it on their own.(talk to their supervisor about a raise,ask to be a delivery driver,find another job that pays more etc) But I have a question, were they “forcing” you to tip them or was it just the tip jar sitting there? I have been to many places where they have a tip jar sitting on the counter with $1.00 hanging out of it and it said “TIPS” on it, but I didnt feel as though I was obligated to put a tip in there for them. Its just like at Rita’s Water Ice or most Pizza places I been to, good lord everyone is putting tip jars on their counter and I just think they have it there as an option to leave some change or a buck. Who knows though some people are out of their mind these days…lol So anyway…NO WAY would I or should you put money in the counter tip jars πŸ™‚

  • Cryssi

    I find it utterly presumptuous for them to force you to tip. I tip accordingly, but if a restaurant/service blatantly includes tip in their checkout/bill (or if they forced me to tip), I probably would not do business there again.

  • Tracey McCullough

    Tips are determined on what it costs delivery persons to get the food to you or the water/waitress to take care of your needs while you eat. I think if they feel they need a tip to make the food then it should already be added into the price of the food. I hate those sneaky after you eat add ons. It’s my money I should be able to decide what I’m spending on my meal! I think one of the other gals was right (Ihope and would damn well ask!) that they have one type of bill for everyone and don’t really intend for you to tip just to get your food at the counter. If they do …. that’d be the last time they saw me! SURPRISE, we want more for our food than we told you!!! I DON’T THINK SO!!!!

  • Tommie Maley

    I don’t tip with take out but it drives me crazy my hubby does. UGH..He says they get your food ready for you. I say of course so does McDonalds but we don’t tip them. UGH..

  • Irene

    If I had it delivered, I would tip. I go to pick it up….no tip. Heck, that’s the main reason why I pick up most of my takeout instead of having it delivered!

  • Patricia Northcutt

    Nope. I would not tip if since I am picking it up. Thats the whole reason to pick up take out is to avoid the delivery fee and tip. This on the other had bothers me because it says tip and then gives you choices on how to tip. What is that about? I would take my food, say thank you, and leave nothing, JMO

  • Jennifer Wheeler Grelak

    I do not tip for take-out. Ever. Waitresses are paid less than minimum wage and their income depends on tips. They take your order, keep your drinks filled, bring your food… They WAIT on you. They DESERVE your tip. Delivery drivers often make minimum wage or less (although some in my college town made $10 an hour) and use their own vehicles and gas to bring you your food. A few bucks for gas is the least you can do. They drove it all the way to you… But for takeout, I draw the line. You drove there, used your own gas, and the only thing that anyone had to do (other than cook your food, but THEY don’t get tips) was hand you a bag. I think this is in response to the lack of cash money these days. In the past, it was common to pay with a $20, get your change, and toss some coin into the tip jar. But now, everyone pays with cards. Bye bye tip jar. Tough cookies. I never tipped the jar for service. I only tipped the jar to avoid having to carry change around with me. Harsh? Maybe. But that’s just me. I’d tip $0 for takeout. And if they require a certain amount, I’d never go there again.

  • KK @ Coupon Crocodile

    Susie Orman was just on Oprah the other day and said you do NOT tip on pick up/take-out. Tips are for service. No service is used when you pick it up curbside. I am shocked that they would ask that at all but especially while you are picking up your own food (where you will get your own drink, napkins, clean your own table and clean up after you finish eating at home).

  • Lucy K

    At most places we don’t leave a tip, but certain places where we go to more & where the food is great for the price we leave a little bit. But as for being forced to give a tip it’s just wrong, because the service/food could be horrible.

  • Rheanna Carter

    I was a server for many years, was a hostess who did take-out orders and I also did delivery, so I have personal experience with it all. A server should be tipped the most (for good service) approx 15-20%, a delivery driver should only get 5-10% because all they did was drive (but they did use their gas, unless they get reimbursed), but a takeout person just takes an order and boxes up the food (they never served you and you use your gas) so in the case of take-out, tips should be completely optional. I do know that some computer systems just automatically ask what you’d like to tip because thats the way they’re set up. Just write zero.

  • Kimberly McCullers

    Having spent several years (off & on) in food service, I am appalled to see these tip jars pop up at take out counters. Who gets the tips & why? For doing their job? I am not asking them to wait on me, just cook my food for which I already pay (frequently more than enough).

  • C Necaise

    Often times delivery drivers are paid minimum wage. They are not given any compensation for the wear and tear on their car, or even gas money. I use to deliver pizza so I know. =p I tip every person that delivers take out because I figure it is for the extra wear and tear on their cars. I also do it because I live in Arizona and I feel sorry for the person that is out in the 117 degree heat to bring me food when I am in the air conditioned house. The delivery fee is for the business owner’s benefit, not their drivers unless they are the drivers of course. Anyway it is for all these reasons alone that I always tip the standard amount. I hope that helped. =)

  • Brenda

    No – I don’t tip when I pick up the food for carryout. Delivery is one thing – then they deserve a tip. When I pick up a carryout order, I always draw a line through the “tip” line if I’m paying by credit card.

  • C Necaise

    I wish I could edit. Anyway, I do not tip when I pick up take out unless it is for exceptional service which is sadly rare these days.

  • Marylee Archer

    Some restaurants have a server whose job it is to take care of the takeout orders. That person may or may not take the order. But they oversee the prep and pack it up. They may also check you out. Sometimes they get server wage (around $3.00 or so depending) or minimum wage. The best bet is to ask at the restaurant. That way you’ll know how to tip.

  • Kimberly McCullers

    On a side note, if it is just on the receipt, every receipt prints that way. This covers them for dine in & delivery service.

  • Kelly

    Just curious….how are you being forced to tip on take out. If there is a tip jar there or the tip option when using a bank card, you can write ZERO. Are they automatically adding it to your bill? I SOMETIMES will put in a dollar at like Subway when i see the tip jars but I usually only tip at a sit down or delivery.

  • Chris Rickard

    I do not tip for takeout if i go pick it up. When there is a delivery charge I tip the driver but usually less then I would if there were no delivery charge. As others have said I do not think delivery charges end up in the drivers pockets and they usually have to pay for gas and maintainence on their vehicles and are not reimbursed for those by the company.

  • Jessica Nin

    Delivery yes, takeout no. Once in a while, if they are having a bad day I’ll drop something in the bucket, but like you, I have opted for take out to avoid the extra costs of beverages, tips and convenience fees.

    Now on a similar subject, I tip at Sonic at the carhop not at the window. They make the same pay as a waitress so I feel they work for tips.

  • Sarina

    It depends…I wouldn’t tip at a pizza place or Chinese take out because the person bringing your food does get paid higher. I work in a restaurant though where there are only hosts on weekend mornings…the rest of the time us waitresses take the orders and box up the food.It’s a pain and it takes our time away from our actual customers and we usually don’t get tipped. So I base my decision on who brings my food to me.

  • Rebeca

    Sorry I must be the odd person. First I agree that being forced to tip on the computer is wrong especially if you are coming to get it yourself. I do however tip a lot of the places I go to for take out. The reason being is because the waitr staff has to do both take out and the dining area in most of the places I go to. So they are busy and still take the time to put my order together really nice and treat me with respect. I usually give them like $2 since I am taking it home and they don’t have to do any other work. I think that in that situation it is only nice because they are working so hard for not even min. wage. The computer generated mandetory tip is wrong though and I agree that delivery fees are wrong also the driver uses their personal car so why does the company need extra money?

  • Jennifer

    If I go pick up the food, I do not leave a tip in their jar. If they deliver my food, then yes I will give them a cash tip. In my area some drivers actually got a cut in their pay and are down to under $5 an hour due to tips, so I try & help them out.

  • ElizaBeth

    A lot of places have a delivery charge, somewhere between 3 and 5 bucks. Does the driver get any of this? No, they do not. They do, however, get “mileage” at many places or higher then min. wage pay. Do we tip the delivery person? Yes. Usually about 15%. There are places that are requiring a gratuity of 20% for parties over eight. We recently heard that there are places that automatically apply 20% to your bill for all orders. At sit down restaurants we tip 15-25% based on the service we receive. We try to leave this tip as cash. At a take out counter, the receipt almost always has a line to write in a tip. We usually do not tip on the receipt in these cases, but do put a couple of dollars in the tip jar. Do I think I should be forced to tip anywhere? No. Tipping should be reserved for the person providing the service and be based on merit. If a waiter(ess) is rude, hasty or completely messes up the order I should not be obligated to pay him(er) the same pay I would give a cheerful, attentive server.

  • LILA

    Well I’m cheap.. I will pick up a pizza to avoid a delivery charge & tip. I Will NOT tip at a take out and as a former waitress many years ago.. Screw it I Tip On My Service, not a proposed amount. My opinion. Tip jars are optional not mandatory so just ignore it and dont worry anymore about it.

  • susan

    I never used to tip for take-out, but the waitress has to get everything together and take their time, just like waiting a table. But I would not tip like eating in or delivery. Just a dollar or two.

  • Sarah

    If we pick up, I don’t tip, but if it’s delivered to our house, then we do tip – more for the convenience of us not having to leave the house and for their time.

  • Kristin

    Depends on what they did. I used to work at Applebee’s, and when you were on “car-side-to-go”, that was the only thing you would be in charge of for that shift. Take orders, and you were responsible to make sure they were right, put all the condiments/utensils in there, and watch for the car to drive up. You’d go out and give them the food, take the money, and go run the card or get change. I think a small tip is appreciated for something like that. I think you got paid a little more than serving when you did that (serving was only $2.15/hr… this was around $5.00 I think, so they still expected you to make a lot in tips!) I think it’s dumb that they put that as the only options though…

  • Sophia

    I believe there are general rules of etiquette that require for all services to be paid. That said, you are not required to tip as much for a delivery than you would at a restaurant.
    A restaurant is typically 15%, 20% if the service was above standard or the expected.
    A delivery person should receive 10%, remember that your delivery person is more than likely not paid much outside of tips and reimbursement of gas. He or she probably packed your item, carried it and traveled to get it back to you on time. In horrible weather conditions, i would not hesitate to tip a bit more.
    I think it is rude on the part of restaurants to ask, but then again I do come from a country where it is already included, so we don;t have to worry about it (waiters don’t have to worry bout quality of service that is one drawback).
    Your local teenager needs to earn a chance to see hwat hard work can provide. So yes I would tip a delivery, but again no more than 10%.

  • Mary H

    I do tip delivery drivers a dollar or so because they do NOT get the delivery fee- I can vouch for that! I don’t tip when I go into a place and do take out unless it is someplace where the hostess must take the order, pull it all together, pack it, etc and gives me great service, then I might give them a dollar or two. Both my children work in the restaurant business-one hostess, one busser and believe me they make very little! They get 5.10 an hour and 1 percent of tips-reported tips!

  • barbie

    No way- I am a great tipper when it is warranted but c’mon tip for take out? It just seems any which way you turn someones trying to make a buck off you for nothing. I called to pay my $19.99 att bill over the phone the other day – they wanted to charge me $5.00- TO PAY MY BILL. That just seems wrong to me and so does asking for a tip for take out!

  • kelly

    No I don’t leave a tip If I pick it up. But I also make sure to write”no tip” in the spot where it asks for a tip. My parents had to fight a pizza place for their money back and lost b/c they couldnt prove they didnt give a tip on thier debit card. The worst part was it happen to them about 6 times over the course of a month and they didn’t notice until their statement came in. The pizza place just wrote in a decent tip for themselves all 6 times. So everyone be careful leaving it blank or even putting a 0.

  • Tiffany

    I wouldn’t tip in the case you are explaining. You paid for the food that they cooked. Then you paid for the gas to go pick it up. Why should someone get a tip for putting it in a bag and setting it on the counter, to me, thats not good business, especially forcing a tip! I wouldnt go back and would even express my opinion to them on the matter. And then what if the order is wrong? Do they compensate you or tip you for finding their mistake with something you paid for? To me it is comparable to tipping the drive through of a fast food place, you just don’t.

  • Connie

    I tip delivery and when I eat there. Depends on the take out. I usually don’t at a fast food type place but will sometimes if it is somewhere like Ruby Tuesdays etc. Sometimes it depends on my mood and my pocketbook. If your picking up pizza or something like that you should not be forced to tip. I know I do not like seeing these type of jars especially if all they are doing is handing me a bag. I am sure they do not make a lot but I think the place of business should pay them more.

  • Patty

    It’s evident most of you have never worked in food service. There is more to working take out than just putting food in a bag. If you’re really that cheap then cook at home. That way you don’t have to use your cell phone to order the food, waste your gas going to pick it up, spend money for the meal, or God forbid tip the person who took your order, placed your order with the kitchen, picked up your order once it was ready, boxed it so it wouldn’t all be smashed together by time you got it home, bagged it, cashed you out, and thanked you and told you to have a nice day and please come again. All the while stocking, cleaning, bussing tables, sweeping floors, seating eat in customers, answering the phones, and doing anything else that needed to be done before their shift was over. Do you think they just sit on a stool and wait for the phone to ring so they can take your order and throw food in a bag? Like most said…You’re cheap!

  • jacquie

    I would not tip at takeout there is no reason when there is no added expense like gas to the person at the register. Nope wouldn’t have it.

  • shirley stefanski

    If i have the food delivered then i will tip. If I pick up the food, then No they are not getting a tip because they didn’t do anything to get it, and the cooks or owners already get paid when we purchase the food.

  • crista perry

    I do not think this is right, But like Papa Johns they have it on all there tickets and then they have a sign that says no tips allowed on pick up orders. so maybe its the same kinda deal, but at lest put the sign up.

  • Holly Thomas

    I tip delivery drivers,NEVER for pick-up,when i see a counter tip jar i ask them about it so i can say “You Gotta Be Kidding”.

  • Megan Lewis

    I am afraid to ever leave you a comment because your followers can get so nasty! I am all for tipping when eating at a restaurant or having food delivered. However, the reason for going to pick-up food for yourself is usually to avoid the extra cost of tipping. I would love to always eat at a restraurant and have someone bring me my food and clean up after me, but I cannot always afford it. That is what take-out is for – to save some money. I would agree with those that said they would write a $0 in the tip section.

  • Adrianna

    When I pick up the food at the restaurant’s counter, I do not tip. When i see the “tip” section, on the receipt, I simply draw a line through it. If I am spending my gas money and time to pick up the food myself, and I walk up to the counter myself, then I see no reason to leave a tip.

  • Jin

    Tip jars on the counter I uually give a dollar or spare change in my purse. If I have no cash on me our the budget is tight I do nothing.

  • Jessica

    I used to work as a waitress and I really appreciated it when people tipped on take out, you’re still making $3.00 an hour even if you’re doing a take-out order. It’s just a nice thing to do for someone, you don’t have to do it and you don’t have to do 20% but something is always appreciated.