*Important* No More Rack Account Information – MUST READ

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*Important* No More Rack Account Information


What do you think about this breech? Will you be using No More Rack again?


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  • jennifer

    nope. i never used them in the past, but i am so relieved i didn’t..my husband doesn’t like me buying online at all anyway because our bank card has been stolen 3 times within 6 months and the bank started to get annoyed lol. but now i do not buy on ebay or any site other than amazon. that way if somehow it happens again i’ll know the source and be able to take care of it all the way through instead of leavin it to the police that never find out anything. lol.

  • Patty

    Thanks for the heads up! I’d been occasionally going to their site to try to get one of the “insanity” deals, but no more!

  • Angela

    I’ve purchased a couple things from them, but always used paypal to pay. I’m really worried about my personal info. I will not use them again. Does anyone know if they even released a public apology or how they are handling this besides deleting facebook posts.

  • Ms Tee

    I’m glad I never signed up with them…I don’t even have an acct with them. Never trust these hole in the wall sites..if you must..use a prepaid gift card with a zero balance or something. There are too many identity theft cases out there and it’s becoming too easy to become a victim of identity theft these days.

  • Tiffany Dotson

    Yes, I will still shop through them. Your CC info is not stored with them, but with a 3rd party. There is always someone out there that is going to try to ruin it for everyone else, like not being able to buy cold medicine without showing your id, because they think you’re goig to make drugs with it. Sheesh!

  • Travis

    jennifer and others…study shows that online transactions are safer than offline transactions. Most credit cards are stolen when you hand your card to a waiter/waitress at a restaurant and other similar situations versus during online transactions. Most companies do a great job securing CC and other stored personal info but there is always someone that is going to try and break in.

  • patrice

    I just went on them for the first time yesterday. I got as far as putting my email, and passwords. When the registration page came up I noticed that there was no security sign on the URL bar, so I didn’t fill it out. I was afraid of giving all that personal info on a place that wasn’t secure. I hope innocent people don’t have trouble with the info that was taken. It’s such a shame that people who have enough brains to hack don’t use them for something good!

  • tam

    I <3 nomorerack!! I buy something almost everyday! Have never had a problem with them since I started buying and always get quick responses to my emails to customer service!

    Travis/thank you for your post! I am not one to live in fear…shocking my life has very few road bumps. I agree that online purchases are much more safe then in store. Have NEVER had a problem with buying anything online. And I use paypal for 95% of items bought. They are great with working out situations that have come up. Also, just calling your bank direct can usually take care of any fraud charges. I hit the send button a week ago twice and got charged twice (oops!). I just called my bank, told them what happened and they reversed the charge right then. No more effort needed! Perfect! A month ago there was a charge on my bank account for $39.95 from bigtip.com, another daily deal site I often use…I looked through my purchases and nothing that I bought was that price…I called the bank, they reversed the charges immeditaly and then sent a letter stating that the company did say they had a glitch on the system and some orders got combined together, and the reverse was not disputed!

    I'm almost done with all my Christmas shopping…all online, most from daily deal sites, from my couch in my pj's, sipping coffee. LOVE IT! Super excited for Cyber Monday!