Do You Have Anyone In Your Life That Thinks Couponing Is Silly?

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Do you have anyone in your life that think couponing is silly? or not worth while?

I am posing this question because this Budget Savvy Diva does!

And I really do not know how to answer them when they snicker at my coupon binder – I would love some advice πŸ˜‰

So please leave your thoughts, feelings, advice in the comment section

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  • GIna Pagan

    I Know I have family think I am carzy or random People I could careless I dislike the comment are you one of them people I ask whats that ” an extreame couponer” I alwayss say no I am just good at what I do.

  • Stephanie Shields

    My step mom didn’t think much of it until I was with her one day and she saw the difference in my grocery bill versus hers!!! She still doesn’t use coupons but she at least doesn’t say anything about me using them πŸ™‚

  • Ashleigh

    The only way i have been able to convince them is to prove how much money I have saved. I love calling my husband to tell him how much money I saved.

  • Cinella Reyes

    Oh yeah, I get that a lot. My hubs said that if I hear someone say or make a “face” towards my binder, I should pick up something in my shopping cart and say, “YES! You are FREE!” or to say “Did you say something?” or if I’m already annoyed, “Did you get anything FREE today?” and walk away.

    I have only don’t the “You are FREE” comment. haha, if I’m in line and it’s taking a while, after I finish paying I apologize.

    Keep your head up Savvy Diva!

  • Amanda

    I honestly think couponing is crazy. πŸ™‚ At least for my shopping style. I am brand loyal, don’t have room to stockpile, don’t eat a lot of processed or manufactured foods, and want to get my shopping done quickly and not go store to store to chase deals. I tried couponing and saved coupons for weeks, spent hours researching online and saved a whopping $3 on my trip. I am very frugal and believe I am a smart shopper. As an ex: I saw the coupon for Kraft shredded cheese that everyone was posting today. I don’t buy bagged shredded cheese. I buy bricks and shred my own in the food processor for a fraction of what the bagged stuff cost. And it’s much fresher and better quality b/c the bagged stuff is sprayed with nasty preservatives that change the quality. I follow the budget type sites only because I find deals on larger, random purchases that make it worth it…especially for holiday shopping. πŸ™‚

  • Linda Oldham

    My hubby used to, until he realized I had deposited over $2000 in our summer savings account. And none to soon- I was laid off several months later. Now, we can easily pay the bills even with out me working. I just tell people who snicker “to each their own” and if they ever want to try, I’d be happy to help. I mean seriously how many people do you know that much more damaging behaviors (drinking excessively, smoking, etc…) most couponers I know do it 1. out of necessity, 2. moderately,and 3. help others with their information & donate freebies. I can’t see why anyone would have cause to argue such points.

  • Jolene

    No way! Everytime I show someone new or tell someone about it they say how awesome they think it is and they want me to teach them lol.

  • Ms Tee

    Couponing in itself is not silly. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to save money. However, when you have those intense people who clear shelves and live, eat, breathe coupons, it gets a bit silly. Couponing is a hobby to me. I love to shop, I love to save money. Couponing combines the two-but it’s not my life.

  • Meli McG

    I get very little negative feedback. My family thinks it’s cool and I help them by getting them specific coupons. The only thing my sister says is “it takes more time than I have and I forget to use them.” My mom loves hearing about how little I spend on gifts (even hers! Lol), and has picked up a few tips. I get to give more and when my husband lost his job, we were able to use our stockpile to get us through comfortably.

    At least once a week I am recommending sites like BSD to people–cashiers, customers, friends, etc.because they are impressed. πŸ™‚

  • mrs b

    I think just like anything else, it can go to unhealthy extremes, but in this economy, if people want to call me crazy/think I’m silly, go ahead.
    I’m a student and I love to shop, especially when I am stressed, so couponing allows me to shop with no guilt. When I tell my husband I got a great deal, he knows I’m telling the truth.
    I recently went to a baby shower and got the mom-to-be a ton of stuff for the same amount of money that some people spent on one outfit, thanks to the info I picked up from the deal sites. (Diaper bag $11 (orig $40), big pack of wipes $2 (in Target for $6+), funny onesie I bought with a Groupon, etc.)
    When cashiers comment positively on the deals I scored, I write down my 4 favorite sites so they can explore for themselves. When they comment negatively, I just let it go–and laugh when I think that they pay full price for everything.

    I had one cashier clap at my total one day–my husband looked at us both like we were nuts, but he loves looking at the savings on the receipt too.

    Just know that I appreciate the work you do–and when people say stupid things, know that our savings are yours as well!

  • MelissaP

    I just blow them off and kind of snicker back. Just think how much they are paying and how much your not! My son thought I was just spending money on things I didn’t need until he watched Walmart pay me two trips in a row. I think he will think twice before he makes fun of it again.