$14.99 For Cat Food – Would YOU Buy It?

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Snapped this shot at the store today

I love Watson and all but there is no way that I would spend this much on cat food! Do you think this cat food is much better then kibble?

How much do you pay for you’re pets food?

Do you think this food is over priced?


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  • Jamie Schnur

    This food is WAY overpriced. I have 6 cats. There is NO way I’d be able to afford $14.99 for such a small amount of food. We get the Purina Cat Chow 17lb(I think) bag for them which is $11 something, twice a month. My cats are perfectly satisfied with that. They’re not too happy however, that I cut out their Sunday breakfast (wetfood).

  • Alexus

    Honestly this food is healthier because it contains real meat. Most of the cat foods that are lower priced(almost all the dry foods sold at grocery stores) are filled with grains and fillers to make it cheaper for both manufacturer and consumer. Yes, they have SOME meat in them since Cat’s will die if they do not consume meat, but it’s often compared to feeding your kids mcdonalds every meal.

    Now, I’m not puttin down anyone that buys those brands, I am one of those consumers too. I really do wish could afford those $35 for 15 lbs of kibble, but I just can’t. It’s still better to have your cat(s) in a loving home with a full belly rather than starving on the streets or eating the same lousy food in a shelter.

    Sorry, I’m rambling. Lol. But that is just unbelievably priced, even if you are get real meat. :/

  • Lexis

    Depends on how natural and holistic it is. Purina, Whiskas, and Friskies all lead to early death, and stomach cancers in kittens. I refuse to feed my animals trailer trash food.

  • Chelsie

    I pay about $17 for a 3lb bag of frozen raw diet for my dog. There are certain things in life I do not spending more money on, which is food for my family and this includes my pets. I wouldn’t feed myself low grade cheap food so I won’t feed low grade food for my dog either. Yes, its expensive but to me, its all worth it. 🙂

  • Becky

    I buy organic cat food because one of the cats I adopted will only eat this certain kind. It’s about $20 for a 5lb bag, but I go through it about every 3-4 weeks, so it’s not that bad really. It’s much healthier than the others, but I NEVER find coupons for the brand I get (and it’s carried at Walmart and such as well).

  • Jaimie

    We buy holistic food for our pets. It is expensive but we have saved in vet bills. If you look at the first ingredients in cheap cat food it is usually some sort of grain or corn to fill them up. Cats are meat eaters and do not eat gain and corn in the wild.

    Then they use meat by-products that are not fit for human consumption. This is usually the diseased meat parts or the boiled left overs the are super processed and turned into some sort of meat slop.

    I did a lot of research and it’s really divisions what try try to pass off as foo for our pets. A lot of allergies and health problems can be avoided by feeding a good balanced diet.