Inexpensive Christmas Craft – Toilet Paper Pillow Boxes $.66

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What you need 🙂

This is a SUPER easy and simple craft to do 🙂 Plus it is SUPER inexpensive

toilet paper tubes (one per pillow box) – free
decorative paper – $.25
ribbon – $.01
Hot Glue Gun and Glue $.20
Spray paint ( if you want)- Cost Me About $.20
Cost: $.66
What to Do
Spray Paint the Roll- let it dry ( 30 minutes)
On one end of the TP tube, fold the top edge down into a curved crease –  do the same to the bottom edge –  repeat with the other end of the TP tube.
Cut the Paper and Hot Glue to the Toilet Paper Roll
Cut and Glue Ribbon around the Toilet Paper Roll
I then took some ribbon and made a bow
Finished Product 😉