Budget Savvy Diva Mail Is Destroyed By Postal Service

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I cannot remember how many times this has happened to my mail πŸ™

I get a ripped up envelope like the one above that was suppose to have a freebie in it and there is nothing.

It was suppose to have a freebie from Better Homes and Gardens

What do you think happened to the envelope ?

But it is all okay because the USPS Cares πŸ˜‰

Whew – that makes me feel SO MUCH BETTER…. not


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  • Jennifer H

    WOW. That’s ridiculous. Usually, if my mail is ripped open, I at least get the contents. Makes you wonder if it was stolen.

  • Savannah

    so… is there anything at all that can be done when something like this happens? I’ve had it happen all too often πŸ™

  • Michelle

    I am sorry that happened to you! Unfortunately its happened to me too. When they put it in the other envelope, its like a slap in the face saying…”Well, your stuff got stolen, but here is an envelope for your envelope to remind you of what happened.” Sadly, I know people in certain parts of the postal service and they say this is happening a lot more often then it should. People are so desperate for stuff that they don’t care who they take from. Its sad, but hopefully next time this won’t happen. Sheesh…

  • Theresa

    WHAT??? This routinely happens? This is terrible!!! You need to file a complaint and document everytime it happens from now on. Can you say petty theft? Maybe they know you get free stuff all the time and you have an official MAIL STALKER.

  • Dawn

    you can’t alwasy blame the post office or USPS, Call BH&G because they need to package properly, also . just because it fits in a cheap envelope does NOT mean the envelope sorting machine recognizes there is a larger item inside. (the machine can grab the creased edge, for flat envelopes, and it gets ripped open, who knows were the product goes on the mail room floor….) And these things work so fast, there is no way to know what product went to what envelope now at the other end of the sorting room….USPS are sending you the empty envelope so that you CAN call BH&G for a resend on the product…..and better packaging….you do have proof!!

    • Christie

      I agree with Dawn. I work for the USPS, and it is usually the packaging that is not strong enough for what is being shipped. I, myself, do not think that stealing someone’s freebie would be worth my job, because employees who do steal get caught.

      • Holli

        I work for the USPS. Its always sad when I have to put a piece of mail in what we like to call “body bags” but it usually comes to damaged. Its upsetting when people jump to the conclusion their mail carrier stole it. Every piece of mail travels many places before it ends up in your mailbox. Some accidents you can’t prevent. A few weeks ago I was carrying city mail. It rained all day. I was soaked and my bag was soaked. I picked up an envelope similar to that one from RiteAid. It was their used coupons. I only had it in my bag for 10 minutes but due to the rain the whole side ripped open. I felt terrible but there wasn’t anything I could have done. I made sure nothing came out of the envelope and it went straight into a body bag when I got back.


    I too have had this happen too many times to count. I thought it was a federal offense to tamper with someone else’s mail! They should stop hiring people who steal things from other people’s mail! I took the postal exam and for 3 years no one would hire me. I guess there was no room for an honest postal worker. :c/

  • kassie

    Wow thats messed up but hey at least your able to sign up to get freebies & print cuopons all i have is a smartphone so i cant get cuopons or freebies it sucks so bad it makes me so mad i can spend money all day long but cant get free stuff how messed up is this huh

  • Cheryl

    That happened to me during the summer with a target makeup kit freebie. I was so excited, then the box was in a bag from the post office stating that’s how They received it. Yeah, well I wanted my kit! Target would not resend either.

  • susan

    Time to go down to the office and file a complaint. This is messing with your mail, and could be considered mail fraud. This is a big deal. I would be fuming!!

  • Rebecca

    That stinks! My sister just attempted to send the CHRISTMAS GIFT she got my son, for the THIRD TIME yesterday!! She demanded that the post office pay for the shipping because they keep returning to her because the “machines can’t read the address.” Sounds to me like the machines are not helping… they are hampering the mail process.

  • Montanna

    People saying it was stolen doesn’t know for sure that it was. As someone who had two family members (my mother and my sister) who worked at a UPS package plant (where they sort all of them), it’s rude to assume it was stolen by someone in the company. I’m not saying all of them are the innocent angels, but sometimes packages get ripped by machines, products fall out and they can’t verify for sure which goes where, unless it was sent through the post office with the little package information filled out. Even then, I’m not too sure they can legally do that. So, before assuming that everyone is out to get you and steal your products, think about all the things that could’ve happened.
    As far as things not ever showing up/showing up in torn packages, I’ve gotten it a million times. But, unless you pay for it, why complain? It sucks, yes. But, life isn’t a bowl of roses every day. Call Walmart. See if they’ll replace it. If they will, awesome. If not, that sucks, but no money lost.

  • stephanie king

    I would feel that they “cared” more if it was actually a hand written note instead of this general thing ALREADY on the package!! I mean hello?! you damaged MY mail!

  • Juleah Brewer

    I received a box of vintage dresses and linens last month that was so mangled they made me pick it up at the PO, when I complained about the shape it was in they told me that it had come that way from the sender. Yeah right. I emailed her pix of the box and she hit the roof! We have no idea if items were missing or not.

  • kelley helton

    I used to subscribe to Glamour magazine. I wasn’t getting my mags so I called the company. They said they were sending them so I called the post office. The next day I 5 magazines in my mailbox that were all crumpled, stained and written on. My mail lady had been keeping them. I called the post office and complained and she was fired. Evidently she had a little racket going on and would keep mail that she wanted and if she didn’t feel like delivering the mail she would throw it away. Especially coupons and “junk” mail. Tampering with mail is a federal offense.

  • brandie

    I would contact BHG to inform them of what happen. Then I would also go down to your local postal branch and talk to someone. If this is happening all the time, maybe they can piece together the puzzle and find out what is happening. I am very sorry this happened.

  • Lauralee Hensley

    This has happened to my freebies in envelopes, or the free coupon portion on a post card so many times too. Yea, and the envelopes or post cards don’t look like they were torn by a machine either, but by human hands. Then they want a rate increase! Yea, the USPS really cares. If they want the freebies, why don’t they sign up like the rest of us do?

  • Joey P

    It almost looks like the envelope that the scented wax cubes come in. I don’t personally think that BH&G needs to change their packaging if only a few people have torn envelopes. I am wondering if this happened before you moved? Perhaps if this is new and/or old, then people are realizing that you are the Budget Savvy Diva & are mad while they work all day you are able to get the freebies you do because you work at home.
    I don’t want to be disparaging to postal workers, because my guy is the best, however, I know that my uncle (from my biological family) was a postman & he stole several of my Grandmother’s (from my adopted family) social security checks when he worked for USPS. It just takes one rotten apple to spoil the bunch.

  • Kelly

    Back in November I received the front and back cover to my All You magazine, but no magazine! I was ticked off, but thought, no biggie, I’ll notify All You, and they’ll send me another. I notified them, they said they sent it out, and I never received it! I received the next month fine, but that doesn’t really help, now does it? Last month, I signed up for the freebie from Julep Maven. My oh so intelligent mail carrier crammed the box in my mailbox, so I could not get it out. I had to open the box and remove the contents, then go back days later with scissors to cut it out of the maibox. I’ll never understand what the point of it was, as they usually bring me my mail. I can’t complain to USPS though, because I don’t seem to have a regular carrier. I have 3-4 different carriers, all nice but one, and I suspect Tweedle Dee is the one who shoved the box in there, like an idiot!